How to Make A Creative Eggshell Phone Stand

Still scrambling for a Mother's Day gift? Don't sweat it—let's whip up a quirky prank gift that'll warm your mom's heart and give her a good chuckle. Nothing says "I love you" quite like a gift made from scratch.

Today, I'll walk you through crafting a unique phone holder. Let's get started!

Supplies Needed

  • A raw egg
  • UV resin
  • UV lamp
  • Pigments and powders (used to simulate the color and texture of egg yolk)
  • Paper towel
  • Dotting tool
  • Mixing cup
  • Silicone Mat (Silicone mold)

Step-by-Step Instrutions

1) Clean the eggshell

Start by cracking open an egg, making sure to keep the shell intact. Gently wipe the interior with a paper towel to remove any residual egg white.

2) Cure the eggshell part  

With a fine brush, apply a thin coat of UV resin to the shell's inside. Keep in mind that eggshell is fragile, whether you're wiping or brushing the interior, handle it with extra care.

Now you can cure it under a UV light about 5 minutes until it cures, and the eggshell part is complete!

3) Creating a faux egg yolk

Pour UV resin into a mold and add a few drops of yellow dye to replicate the yolk's hue. Incorporate some texture powder, stir until homogenous, and the faux egg yolk is ready.

4) Creating a faux egg white

The egg white is even simpler. Add just a hint of light yellow dye to your UV resin, mix thoroughly and spread it thinly across a flat silicone mat and carefully smooth it out. 

Place your artificial yolk in the center. Use a dotting tool to carefully smooth out the egg white part to create the natural flow of the egg.

To achieve a more realistic appearance, crinkle the cured eggshell slightly and put it evenly on the mat. Solidify the entire assembly with a UV light, and you’ve crafted an impressively lifelike eggshell phone stand!

Imagine sneaking this DIY cracked egg phone stand on your mom's bed. The moment she sees it, she’s definitely going to want to swat you—but when she discovers it's actually a gift. how heartwarming and creative that moment will be! So, get moving and make it happen!


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I am going to try this the instruction is apparent and precise.
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