How to Make Chameleon Heart-shaped UV Pendants

Chameleon heart-shaped UV pendants are the new way to your favourite person’s heart! So, start this project for yourself right away because who doesn’t want cute hand-made pendants made out of love afterall? Scroll down to find the list of supplies that you need and the step-by-step instructions that you will have to follow to make your own chameleon heart-shaped UV pendants

Supplies Needed

  • Silicone Pendant Mold
  • UV Resin
  • Black Dye
  • Mixing Stick/Sculpture Tool
  • UV Lamp
  • 9D Cat Eye Chameleon Magnetic Powder
  • Paper Clip/Iron Wire
  • Magnet
  • Pliers
  • Small Cup with Thin Spout
  • Gloves

Step-by-step Instructions

1) Color the UV resin

Start this project by first choosing the UV resin of your choice.

UV resin
Add the required quantity of it in a small plastic cup. Squeeze a few drops of black dye in the cup and mix it well using a mixing stick or a sculpting tool. When you are using UV resin, you do not need to mix it with a hardener as you would do with a 2-parts epoxy resin and hardener. UV resin also only cures when exposed to UV light or direct sunlight, and it hardens quickly as well.
add a few drops
2) Prepare the mold
Pour the prepared resin only half-way into the pendant mold.
pour the resin into the mold

Take a UV lamp and cure the mold under it for about two to five minutes.

cure the uv resin

3) Prepare the Chameleon Resin Layer

Using the tip of your sculpting tool, gently add the required amount of the 9D Cat Eye Chameleon magnetic powder in the container filled with UV resin and mix it well.

4) Coat the cured UV resin

Take your first layer of cured UV resin and coat it with the chameleon resin. Just add a small bit of the glittery resin and spread it over the first layer with the help of your sculpting tool.

Hover a magnet over your pendant to create distinctive patterns. The magnet manipulates the magnetic particles in the powder, causing them to align and respond to the magnetic field.

This alignment creates those patterns and movements in the magnetic powder-infused resin. The magnetic force also allows you to control and shape the appearance of the powder within the artwork, resulting in a visually striking and magnetic masterpiece.

5) Create your tool

For this part, you will need to create a small tool that will help you make the heart shape in your pendant. Take a paper clip or an iron wire and unwind it using pliers, turning it into a U shape.

Now criss-cross the two ends of the wire to form a V shape.

Twist the intersecting point of the wire several times so that only a small tear-drop shape is formed.

Bend the part of the wire just below the tip of the tear-drop to form an L shape.

6) Create the heart shape

Place the bended part of your tool on one end of the magnet. 

Gently bring the V shape of the wire to the bulb of the pendant and hold it there steadily.

While you are still holding it there, use the UV lamp to cure the heart-shape in place.

Your chameleon heart-shaped UV pendants are ready!

If you are a jewelry enthusiast, it is your chance to make adorable UV pendants with beautiful heart-shaped magnetic pattern in the resin. Grab your supplies now and start making one for yourself or your loved one!

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