New Quick Low-Cost Way to Get Bubbles out of Resin

Bubble is always a headache for most resin crafters, especially resin beginners! You might have heard or tried many ways to get bubbles out of resin, such as using a torch, spraying alcohol, using a bubble remover machine, etc. Some of them are not so effective, some of them might damage the mold, and some of them can be quite expensive. Well, today we will reveal a new quick and low-cost way to remove 99% of bubbles from resin in just 5 minutes!


Let's take a sneak peek. We prepared two cups of resin for control experiments. The 1st one is the No Intervention cup. We just mixed the resin and let it sit for 5 minutes. We can see from the photos that there were still lots of small bubbles in the resin 5 minutes later. 

The 2nd one is the Use New Way cup. We mixed the resin and applied the new way to it. The result is amazing! Most bubbles were gone and the resin was so clear.

Step-by-step Tutorial

OK! The answer is an Ultrasonic Cleaner for eyeglasses and jewelry! You might already have one at home. This machine is absolutely a game-changer for resin. So how do you use it to remove bubbles?

  • Step 1: Please mix your resin and hardener properly based on the manufacturer's instructions.

  • Step 2: Put some water in the cleaner and put the cup of resin into the water.

  • Step 3: Turn on the machine and give it a few minutes. If the work time of your cleaner is short, please repeat until the resin is good without bubbles. Please note that different brands and viscosities of resin may have different application times.

  • Step 4: After 99% of the bubbles are gone, get the cup out and wipe off the water at the bottom. Then the resin is ready to pour!


The result is surprisingly good, isn't it? The best part is that these ultrasonic cleaners usually are not expensive. Price range is about $20 - $40. It's definitely worth it for your daily resin adventure!

If you are considering getting a machine, we recommend two options below. The Magnasonic 20oz cleaner is a high-quality machine with a digital timer and more space for bigger resin projects. If you mostly do small projects, the 12oz one is a perfect basic design for you. Enjoy your resin crafting with zero bubbles!

Magnasonic 20oz Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner with Digital Timer

12oz Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner with One-Touch Operation

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I tried this after watching a video on YouTube from toonpish crafts. Unfortunately I had the same results as she did. It took so long to get rid of the bubbles that it flash cured. I only used 200mls split into two cups

Dorien Reed

I just tried the technique with a new ultrasonic cleaner and got great results. Thank you so much for sharing this technique.


Would you close
The lid on the item you have a link too?


Thanks, I will try it, bubbles are my nemesis!

Shari Chulak

That is an amazing discovery!


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