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Family Calendar Resin Mold (For Reminders of Important Family Days)

Family Calendar Resin Mold (For Reminders of Important Family Days)

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  • What You Get: 1x Family Calendar Resin Mold, Size: 31cm*14.3cm*1cm.Perfect size for wall decoration.
  • Materials: These coaster resin molds are 100% silicone, these epoxy molds are flexible, smooth and reusable,and are easy to demold after fully cured and easy clean and wash, when you wash,suggest to use warm soapy water
  • "The Ones We Live With, Laugh With, and Love" Family Birthday Reminder Calendar, easy to assemble without any tools required. Easy hang system makes it simple to rearrange discs on board.
  • Best reminder for you to never miss a family member's or friend's birthday, anniversary or festival like Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day.
  • Fun Gifts of Grandparents & Grand kids & Parents & Children for Mother Day & Father Day & Children’s Day. Also available for Christmas Gifts and Birthday Presents!
  • Visible to remember family and friends birthdays. If you have a large family, this is exactly what you need to keep track of all the family birthdays & anniversaries & special events & important dates.
  • Family Calendar Resin Mold *1

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