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Handmade PIXIU Ornament Resin Mold for Bringing Fortune and Good Luck

Handmade PIXIU Ornament Resin Mold for Bringing Fortune and Good Luck

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Whether you're decking out your digs or surprising a friend with the ultimate lucky charm, our Pi Xiu mold is the way to go. Craft it, display it, and let the good times roll! 

STYLE A: The Wealth-Attracting Pi Xi Clutching the Coins

Pixiu is a traditional sacred animal in Chinese culture and is believed to be able to attract wealth and prosperity. This dude is all about the bling-bling! Watch as he devours gold coins faster than you can say "cha-ching!" It's like having your own personal wealth magnet – say hello to prosperity!

P.S. The Pi Xiu has no anus, meaning it can only swallow and never expel, symbolizing endless accumulation of wealth. 

STYLE B: The Auspicious Pi Xiu Stepping on Clouds

Pi Xiu is not only a symbol of wealth but also represents good luck, health, and auspiciousness. This Pi Xiu mold showcases the creature stepping on clouds, and guiding through the sky, spreading good vibes and bringing you all the luck you can handle. Get ready for a one-way ticket to Happy Town!


It's also considered one of the Five Auspicious Creatures, along with the Dragon, Phoenix, Tortoise, and QiLin.

The design of the mold is based on the Pi Xiu. Its appearance is unique, resembling a lion's head and dragon's body, adorned with thick mane, and bearing five sharp claws on each foot. What's even more miraculous is its mystical ability to consume wealth without expelling it, symbolizing an endless flow of fortune.

STYLE A: Legend has it that within a distant palace, a Fortune Pi Xiu resides within the treasury, guarding it year-round. Whenever the emperor requires wealth, the Money Pi Xiu consumes gold and silver, causing its body to shimmer with golden light, bringing the emperor immense fortune and glory.

STYLE B: In a remote village, a wise man crafted an Auspicious Pi Xiu, believing it would bring luck and blessings to the villagers. Whenever they faced difficulties, they would come before the Auspicious Cloud Pi Xiu, seeking its protection and blessings.


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