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Domino Resin Mold, Domino Molds for Resin Casting

Domino Resin Mold, Domino Molds for Resin Casting

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Creates Unique Custom Dominos

This resin domino molds set unleashes the artist in you! Now you can create one-of-a-kind dominos with custom colors, patterns, or text. Create your own customized dream domino set or use this mold set to create a personalized gift to give to a special friend or family member for a memorable birthday or holiday gift that is truly special. If you’ve never used this kit before—no worries. It’s easy-peasy to create a wide variety of special effects and designs once you’ve viewed the instructional video tutorial section where you will find instructions on how to use these molds to make custom dominos. These durable, sturdy molds can produce a limitless number of lustrous unique designs with smooth, shiny surfaces. 


  • Creates glossy, 8.5'' x *7.9'' dominos 
  • Easily create artistic personalized dominos
  • The instructional video makes it easy to create out-of-the-box creative designs
  • Use molds to spend quality family time working on domino craft projects together
Create Domino with Your Kids
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