10 Coolest Resin Jewelry Molds [2023]

This guide presents the top 10 coolest and trendiest silicone molds for resin in 2022. Some of them are pretty easy to take advantage of and newbies can use them to enhance their practical skills. Whereas, some are a bit more practical and need polished skills to benefit from. Let’s have a look at them one  by one.

10 Unique Resin Molds

1. Sea Island Shape Necklace Resin Molds [3Pcs]

Sea stand for wild and vitality, the islands is wonderful as one of the ornaments on the endless oceans. This resin molds will bring you such a kind of feeling and make some unique resin crafts. If you see these molds, they will look like an ocean combined with an island. This is why they are always appreciated when it comes to enjoying nature’s charm. The skilled artists use these molds to prepare some resin craft having resemblance  with  the  ocean-themed  jewelry  products.

sea island necklace molds

2. Zodiac Sign Resin Keychain Molds [3Pcs]

They are considered ideal to craft beautiful keychains. Along with the keychains, you can also use Zodiac Sign Resin Molds for crafting ornaments, pendants, jewelry, and other similar items. They are pretty feasible to give to your loved ones. 

zodiac resin keychain molds

3. Small Letter Resin Jewelry Molds [2Pcs]

With 1 and 2 holes, 4 characters, 10 numbers, and 26 alphabets, Small Letter Resin Molds are also perfect to craft different jewelry decorations and for making jewelry pieces like earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. The best feature of these molds is you can craft your own name or your lover’s name as a special gift.

small letter resin molds

4. Resin Cross Necklace Molds [5Pcs]

The resin cross mold is not only a fashion accessory, but also makes you feel the love of God and gives the hope and strength to overcome any obstacle in your life. Some Christians believe that the wearing of a cross offers protection from evil. 

cross resin molds

5. Resin Ripple Pendant Molds [4Pcs]

Do you love DIY crafting with nature’s touch? You can use Resin Ripple Pendant Molds to create soaps, wax candles, pendants, and other similar products. These pendant molds, with wave-style resin, make you feel nature’s beauty. They are available in four different types of molds. The end product gives a sea wave-like charm. They are highly compatible with epoxy resin, cement clay, UV resin, gum pate, candle, wax, and polyester  resin. You  can  easily de-mold them anytime.

resin ripple pendant molds

6. Resin Water Ripple Pendant Molds [6Pcs]

It's great for beach locations or beach theme parties. Also, you can make this pendant as Mother's day gifts. I do suggest you take it slow when popping them out the molds by loosening all around the edges first to reduce the risk of tearing. 

resin water wave molds

7. Tear Drop Pendant Resin Mold [3Pcs]

The teardrop pendant is a symbolic jewel. The unique shape and the resin teardrop pendant are very close to the heart when worn. They are often used as precious souvenirs for the expression of lost loved ones, or given to lovers as a present of love.

tear drop resin molds

8. UV Gemstone Faceted Pendant Mold [4Pcs]

This mold is perfect for crafting magnificent gem-shaped pendants, customized necklaces, paperweights, and soaps. It is manufactured with high-grade silicone and lasts longer due to its durable  and  flexible  nature. You don’t need any  releasing agent while de-molding. UV Gemstone Faceted Mold is considered perfect for making pendants. It is compatible with UV resin and epoxy resins. 

UV Gemstone Faceted Pendant Molds

9. Triangle Resin Earring Molds [1Pcs]

These are such unique shapes and definitely fun to work with. Made as keychain, charm, ring, bracelet, hairclip mount, earring, studs making, DIY phone case, soap making etc. But it doesn't come with the hole inside you have to drill it after demolding.

Rhombus Triangle Earring Silicone Resin Jewelry Mold

10. Ebony Broken Wood Resin Jewelry Accessories [14Pcs]

They can help you create unique cutting crafts. You can use them to craft landscape decorations, handmade stamp seals, pendants, necklaces, and other hand-casting jewelry items. To give your loved ones a special gift, fill these accessories with liquid resin, mica powder, and glitter to get amazing end  products. These accessories come with 14 different perfectly made pieces of wood. You can use epoxy resins to make perfect wooden decorations for necklaces, pendants, and  other resin jewelry products.

broken wood for resin jewelry

The final choice is up to you. Keeping in mind your expertise and confidence level, you can choose any of the above-mentioned resin molds for making  different jewelry pieces. If you have trouble making the resin jewelry, check our guide below:

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