IntoResin Stories

A place where you can find anything about resin that you might want to buy online. Shop for resin casting supplies, epoxy resin, resin molds, resin kit and resin jewelry craft. IntoResin is specially formulated for resin art. Comprehensive resin tutorials for starters and veteran.

Why IntoResin?

We founded IntoResin in 2022 to share our creative spirit. Like many people, we like working with our hands. Completing projects engages our creative side, takes our mind off of work and family responsibilities for a little bit and allows us to reconnect with our inner voice. Plus, the results often turn out to be absolutely amazing!

What We Do

Specializing in various epoxy resins and silicone molds, our passion is creating art that captures small moments in time. We might create a paperweight that reminds us of a family trip or a piece of jewelry in remembrance of a loved one. The high gloss shine and brilliant colors of resin makes it the perfect medium for any budding artist – no drawing skills or special talents needed.

Why Choose Us

Big-box craft stores focus so much on being everything to everyone, that they often don’t have a large selection of molds, epoxy resins, mixing cups and other supplies. Our goal is to right that wrong so we carry a comprehensive supply of everything you need to be successful with resin projects. You won’t find any paint, craft kits or yarn here, just everything beginner and seasoned resin artists need to bring all their great ideas to fruition.

We love to be involved

Resin art speaks to us because while we have a general idea in our head about what we would like to achieve, as we work on the project it isn’t always clear what the result will be until the end. It is always thrilling to turn a project out of its mold to view the final result. Our biggest joy is hearing from our customers, who often proudly share their projects with us and inspire us to keep doing what we do best. We invite you to browse our selection to see why resin art is the hottest crafting trend around!

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