Do not Throw Away Leftover Resin or Hardener in the Bottle!

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Have you ever been confused and asking yourself: why do I always have leftover parts even if I measured a 1:1 ratio perfectly by volume and everything cured properly? You don't need to be depressed by it because It's absolutely not your fault! What matters most is not throwing them away!

Why Do You Have Leftover Resin (Part A) or Hardener (Part B) in the Bottle?

Please note that the part A and B are generally filled by weight instead of volume during production. So it's normal that you will always have leftover of either Part A or B. In fact, it doesn't matter if you measured by weight or by volume but for the best result is to follow the label says (mostly by volume).

Also, not every resin is created equal. A set of 16oz IntoResin resin measured by volume is filled with 6~7oz resin and 9~10oz hardener so they can maintan the same level. Another reason is the viscosity difference of Part A and B. The difference in viscosity results in disparity because more viscous liquid will cling to the A bottle.

💡P.S. The hardener is generally lighter than the resin part so you get more hardener than you need because it weighs less and more goes into the bottle to equal the weight of what went into A bottle.

What to Do if You Got Leftover Parts in the Bottle?

Do not throw them away! Try to leave it for when you buy more resin or hardener. Most of brands do not offer separate part A or B but IntoResin did sell them separately, check here. If you're always having leftovers of one part, I'll recommend you to choose the brands who are able to sell separate parts or your leftover just went into general waste. Keep in mind that you're not allowed to mix brands, like Brand 1 Part A mixed with Brand 2 Part B is not acceptable.

No matter you have extra resin or hardener, it does happen normally because part A and B vary based on amount or the viscosity, which depends on the brands. More impotantly,do not tosst thm away or it must be a big waste.

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  • Posted on by Lisa
    Thank you for answering my question on the last post…kinda, lol. I’ve never run across a company, ever, that sells part A or B individually. I wonder, does MEKP only work with polyester resin, or would it also work with epoxy resin? I have never had leftover hardener, only resin. And I repeat, I have been doing resin for a really long time and know how to mix it.

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