2 Easy & Effective Ways to Clean Resin Mixing Cups

how to clean resin cups

If you’re always working with resin, using disposable cups is not a great option for the environment and produces so much waste! In this case, reusable resin cups are great alternatives. Most people have trouble cleaning them out, so here are Intoresin 2 easy and effective methods to help you simply clean the resin mixing cups!


1. Wipe them out

wipe most resin out

Put your protective gloves on and use a piece of paper towel and wipe out any excess resin from the sides and bottom of the resin mixing cups while the resin is still wet. Make sure that you get down around the corners. Otherwise, it would be sticky down there.  

TIPS: If you happen to have another mold that can fit the rest of resin, just pour them into the mold. You may expect the unexpected, and nothing goes to waste!

2. Use the solvent

apply alcohol to use

Pour the solvent like alcohol, acetone or lacquer thinner on the paper towel to wipe away the remaining resin. They can break down the residue so you can easily wipe it off.

⚠️Make sure to take care of acetone. When acetone gets on the skin, it can cause it to become red, dry and cracked. Also, it can be absorbed through the skin.

3. Remove the residue

wipe the resin of resin

Wipe out the cup thoroughly with acetone to remove any unmixed resin from the corners in the bottom of the cup.

4. Finish the clean

hot soap water to wash

Make sure the residue has been removed mostly in case it will clog up your sink. And now you can rinse your cups with hot soap and water. Let it dry and it’s ready for the next project.


1. Flip over the cups

Flip over the cup and let it cure overnight

After you’ve finished your resin pouring, simply flip your mixing cup over on your workplace with a piece of wax paper or silicone mat. Let it dry overnight in the resin measuring cups until it harden completely. You should be able to flex your containers a little bit and the dried resin will pop right out.

TIPS: If you're using silicone cups, you can also stand the stir stick up right in the cup when you've finished pouring. Once the resin is cured, just keep the stir stick or wiggle it a tug. The Silicon is much easier to get twisted or squeezed so you can get the stir out of the cup easily.

2. Peel the leftover

peel the resin off

The next day, you'll find most of the resin will easily get removed out of the cup. Try to collect the leftover pieces if you don't want to toss them into the trash. And you may find out they look amazing as well!

tape the residue

Any cured bits of resin that have been left behind on the walls, bottom or outside the cup can be removed by dapping them with a piece of sticky tape as well. You can use the spatula with straight line to scrape the inside of the cup as well.

TIPS: If you're using plastic cups, take the cup and roll it between your hands.

And you will hear that resin popped away from the edges. I like this option because the piece popped from the bottom can then be used to make another project and nothing goes to waste. 

3. Wash the cups

Wash the cups with hot water and soap. Let it dry and it can be directly used to make the next project!

Super easy!!✌️

IMPORTANT: When we wash the cups in the sink, all these leftovers come out. Even the resin is dry, it can stick to your plumbing and it’s not worth it because the whole plumbing is costly.

how to clean resin cup instructions

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