How to Epoxy A Glitter Tumbler 101

When you think that you have tried everything from epoxy resin, there is one more easy idea to show your creativity.The summer has come already and I know that whenever you go, your favorite tumbler is always with you. But if you are bored of usual identical tumblers, you have choice to make unique, personalized glitter tumbler!

If you are ready, follow our tips.

These Supplies You Need  for Epoxy Resin Tumbler

  • Epoxy Resin (epoxy and hardener)
  • Insulted Tumbler (You’ll see later; what type is the best)
  • Scotch Painter’s Tape
  • Spray Paint
  • Mod Podge
  • Glitter
  • Tumbler Turner (you can buy it or find ideas how to make it yourself in the Internet)
  • Gloves
  • Paintbrush
  • Stir Sticks
  • Mixing Cup
  • Some Pieces of Cardboard
  • Two Small Measuring Cups
  • 80-100\ 100-200 Grid Sandpaper


  • Before you start, you have to think what for you need this tumbler. If you want to use your mug for hot drinks (coffee and tea lovers, that’s for you), your choice falls on metal insulted (stainless steel) tumbler.  But if your mug is just for cold drinks you can easily take glass or ceramic tumbler. The reason is that Resin soften when the temperature is 120 F or 50 C.
  • Cover the surface where you are going to create with some cardboard.
  • Clean the surface of the tumbler to make it dry.
  • Wrap the top and the bottom of the cup with painter’s tape.
  • Put some paper or textile inside the cup to make sure that paint will not get there. It must be very tough that the mug holds on the turner well.

Step 1

Painting the tumbler

Take the paint you have chosen before and spray it as a base coat. At this stage you can use the tumbler turner. If you want saturated tone, repeat spraying several times. Leave the tumbler to dry completely approximately for 24 hours.  And do not rip off the tape.

TIP: Choose the color of the paint according to your style. Don’t be afraid to choose bright colors!

Paint the tumbler

Step 2

Prime the Mod Podge

Pour Mod Podge in a bowl and put it on the tumbler with a paintbrush. Do it quickly to be sure that Mod Podge will not dry before putting glitter. At this stage you can use tumbler turner to spin the mug. 

Add pod modge

Step 3

Glittering the tumbler

Open the container with a glitter and pour the glitter with your hands trying to cover the whole surface. You can choose the glitter of the same color as the color of the mug or use different shades of this color. Leave the mug to get dry for several hours. It is very important at this stage to remove the painter’s tape from the bottom and the top and replace it with a new one a little bit above the glitter line on the bottom and on the top. This area will be covered with epoxy resin.

Glitter the tumbler

Step 4

Applying the Epoxy

It is the last and the most important part. At this stage don’t forget about your safety and wear disposable gloves. Take two small measuring cups and pour separately 5ml of A side in one of the cups and 5ml of B side in the other. Take the cup with part A and pour it in the mixing cup using stir stick. Then slowly add the liquid of part B and mix two liquids. Don’t be in rush! It is very important to avoid bubbles formation. Continue to mix until the mixture becomes clear.

Turn on the tumbler turner and make it move slowly. Pour the epoxy on the cup and smooth it with your finger (be sure you are in gloves) or brush. Cover the whole mug with the epoxy while the mug is rotating. When you have finished applying the epoxy, leave the turner to move. After 10 minutes stop the turner and remove the tape from the tumbler. If you don’t do it at that moment the tape will seal to the mug.

Again turn on the turner and allow the mug turn slowly for 6-10 hours (it depends on epoxy which you have chosen).  After that remove the tumbler from the turner and leave it to dry for another 5-7 hours.

TIP: Be sure that the temperature of the room where you work isn’t above 24 C or 75,2 F.

Apply the Resin

Step 5

Finish the Project

When the tumbler is dry you can notice some uneven spots. You can easily remove them using 80-100\ 100-200 grid sandpaper. Wash the tumbler with soapy water and enjoy your drink.

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