How to Make A Dinosaur Globe

Are you someone obsessed with dinosaurs? Or do you know someone that might love dinosaurs? Then you’re at the right article! In this article, we will learn how to make a fun dinosaur globe out of resin. If you’re in the mood to create something exciting, try making this dinosaur globe.

You might have seen such decorative pieces in shops, and I bet you would have never thought of making these yourself. Here is an article on how you can make an adorable dinosaur globe at home. I have kept the steps as simple as possible so that it is easy for you to follow.  

Things you will need for this project

  • Epoxy and hardener
  • Resin mold
  • Silver glitter that is super chunky and shiny
  • Hot glue gun to glue everything in place and also to apply glitter to our piece
  • UV ray light as it will help dry everything quicker and set it all in place
  • Tiny brush to add glitter details to our project
  • A transparent plastic wire
  • Scissors to cut the wire
  • Ice cream stick to help the dinosaur stay in the correct position
  • A ribbon of your choice. I took a green ribbon that said ‘Just for you’ You can easily find such ribbons at the store. Choose whatever you like as it adds a personalized touch.
  • Round wooden block as a base
  • Last but not least is the main element of this project. You would need a plastic dinosaur! Make sure it is in the right size to fit into the mould perfectly.

Simple steps that you need to follow in order to make this dinosaur globe

You can follow these simple steps along with some tips and tricks to achieve the perfect dinosaur globe.

Step 1 Wrap wire around the dinosaur

We will first wrap a plastic wire around the dinosaur as this will ensure the dinosaur remains in the exact position we want it to and does not move around. Take your dinosaur and wrap the plastic wire around it tightly while keeping the end of the wire in your hand. Now tie the end of the wire that was in your hand to an ice cream stick.

wrap the wire around dinosaur

wrap the wire to the stick

Step 2 Pouring in resin

Prepare your resin mixture. Take your silicone mould and add the mixture into it. Now Place the dinosaur upside down in the mould and hold the ice cream stick to ensure the wire does not go entirely inside. Place the ice cream stick on top of the mould, and it will stay there while keeping the dinosaur in its place.

pour the resin into the mold

Step 3 Cut off the wire and de-mould

Next, cut off the wire so that the stick is separated. Cut it off only when the resin has dried up to make sure the dinosaur does not change its position. Leave the resin to harden once it is hard enough. Carefully de-mould it.

cut off the wire

Step 4 Attach your base

Now take your wooden base, apply glue to it using a hot glue gun and place the resin piece on top. Now your resin piece is attached to its base, which completes the look.

attach the base

Step 5 Prepare your glitter mixture

Pour some glue out of your hot glue gun into a cup and add in your silver glitter. Mix it thoroughly to create a beautiful glitter mixture.

add the glitte

Step 6 Add the glitter

Pour some glue out of your hot glue gun into a cup and add in your silver glitter. Mix it thoroughly to create a beautiful glitter mixture. With the help of a tiny brush, use the glitter mixture to add some sparkles to your piece. First, place it at the edges where the wooden part and resin part connect. Next, place it on the actual resin piece in the shape of mountains or anywhere randomly. Just make it look pretty!

add the glitter

Step 7 Set everything in place

While you’re applying the glitter, make sure to set it in place as you go. Use a UV light to dry the glitter and put it in place.

UV resin to cure

Step 8 Add the ribbon

Apply a layer of hot glue on all sides of the wooden block and place a ribbon on top of it. The ribbon can say anything sweet or memorable such as ‘just for you’. This would add a personalized touch to your piece, which looks lovely, especially if you’re gifting it to someone.

 stick the ribbon

Voila! Through these simple steps, you have now completed your project! Your dinosaur globe is ready to be displayed. If you understood all these steps, you wouldn’t have trouble completing this piece. Although, it can be tricky to achieve the right amount of neatness which is why I kept the steps simple and included some hacks as well.

resin dinosaur project

I incorporated some tricks, such as the ice cream stick one, to make this project much more straightforward and ensure the outcome is as neat as possible. You can also use any other plastic animal or object instead of a dinosaur to make it according to your choice. You can use it to decorate your room or your study area.

Moreover, this can also be an attractive gift option for someone who loves dinosaurs or kids in general. All you would need for this project is some motivation, supplies, and some time. What are you waiting for? Start making it and impress your friends with your crafty skills!

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