How to make a piece of resin 'water'

Using epoxy resin to make rippled water is a super easy process that leads to the creation of all kinds of mesmerizing projects celebrating the beauty of nature all around us. Making rippled water out of resin doesn’t need a long list of supplies or complicated instructions.

So, if you want to create your own variety of rippled water slabs, scroll down to find the supplies required and the simple instructions that you will need to follow:

Supplied Needed

Step by Step Instructions

1) Pepare the PVC paper

To start with this rippled water project, you first need to prepare the base. For this purpose, take your thin PVC paper and use a heat gun to blow on it.

The warm air from the gun will soften the paper and create ripple-like effect on it. Keep blowing the paper until you get your desired result.

Once you are done creating the ripples, let the PVC paper cool down for a bit before moving on to the next step. This will ensure that the ripples become firm.

2) Ceate the frame

Use some glass cement glue or hot glue to create a rectangle frame on the rippled PVC paper. This will act as the mold for the resin mixture. Make sure that you give the glue adequate time to dry so that the frame is secure and able to contain your resin without causing any leakage. You can also choose the size and shape according to your requirements.

Once it has dried, you can begin with the next step. While you are working on this, or any epoxy resin project, don’t forget to use your gloves for safety and to avoid any possible dermatological reaction.

3) Add the resin mixture and glitter

Take your plastic cup with thin spout to pour the light-blue-tinted resin mixture in the rectangle frame on the PVC paper. I just add a drop of colorant for this color. If you need it darker, just add a few more.

Sprinkle some fine-crushed silver glitter on the resin as well and blend it nicely. This will give the rippled water a shimmery effect that is created when sunlight hits the water.

Leave it overnight or for twenty-four hours so that it can fully cure.

4) Demold the rippled water

Once your project has completely dried, it is time for you to carefully demold it.

Now, you can use this rippled water slab for a variety of fun projects.


With rippled water, the possibilities of coming up with ideas for new and interesting projects are endless. Whether you want a beach or a swimming pool made out of resin, all you need to do is take out one of your rippled water slabs in your desired shape and size and begin the new adventure. So, go on and get your supplies right away!

Feel free to comment below if you have any question or idea!

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