How to Make a Resin Hexagonal Dice Box

If you have worked with resin before, you probably know that there are endless possibilities of creating unique and beautiful items with it. So, this time, you can put your resin skills to test once again and make a resin hexagonal dice box to store and showcase your game dice like never before. Scroll down to find the supplies required and instructions you have to follow for this resin hexagonal dice box project:

Supplies Needed

Following is the list of things you need to make your hexagonal dice box out of resin:

Step-by-step Instructions

Below are the detailed instructions that you have to follow to make a hexagonal dice box:

  • Prepare the Resin Mixture

First of all, to begin this project, you need to prepare your resin mixture. You can create a beautiful marble look for your hexagonal dice box by mixing different colors.

Take ash white, fog grey, and black tinted resin mixtures in separate containers. Make sure that you use adequate amount of mica powder in your individual resin mixtures. Less quantity of mica powder will make the mixture translucent while more mica powder will make it opaque.

Use ash white resin mixture as the primary color.

Prepare the Resin Mixture

Pour a small quantity of fog grey and black mixtures in it.

pour fog grey resin

mix black resin

Use a mixing stick to lightly combine the three mixtures. Do this carefully to create swirling patterns only otherwise the three colors will blend, forming a single new shade instead of a marble pattern.

combine the three mixtures

  • Add the Marble Resin Mixture to the Mold

After you have prepared the resin mixture with the marble effect, pour it into the hexagonal dice box mold.

pour resin mixture with the marble effect into the mold

For this project, you might need to make two batches of marble effect resin mixtures for the two components, container and the lid, if you are using small cups. In this situation, you have to be cautious of flash curing. Flash curing is when you are mixing a lot of resin, and then you leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. In this condition, resin can reach up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and release chemicals which are harmful to your health. So, you have to be careful when dealing with resin. After you have filled both the components to the brim, you can leave them to cure overnight.

have filled both the components to the brim

  • Demold and Use Your Hexagonal Dice Box

After about twenty-four hours, when your project has fully dried, you can carefully demold it.

demold when dried

Now, you can use it to store your dice or give this beautiful dice box to your loved ones to make their day.

use it to store game dice

Beautiful dice boxes are a great way of showing your appreciation and passion for the dice and similar gaming products. Whether you are a gamer or a collector, it is time to get your hands on resin hexagonal dice box supplies to start your personal project right away.

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