How to Make Aesthetic Resin Coasters

Coasters are a great way to protect your furniture and add some aesthetics to your kitchen and dinning table as well. But, if you are still using plastic coasters, you need to rethink your decision and opt for resin coasters instead.

Scroll down to find out how to say bye to plastic coasters and hi to magical resin coasters that are not only functional but extremely beautiful as well.

Supplies Needed for this Beautiful Resin Coasters Project

Following is the list of things you need to make your resin coasters:

  • Two Square Silicone Molds
  • Epoxy Resin and Hardener
  • Chunky Silver Glitter
  • Green, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Watermelon Pink, and Dark Green Alcohol Inks
  • Tea Pink Mica Powder or a Coloring Agent of Your Choice
  • Light Gold Crushed Glass
  • Small Cups with Thin Spouts
  • Resin Poke Needle
  • Toothpicks
  • Resin Curing UV Flashlight
  • Mixing Stick
  • Gloves

Instructions You Need to Follow to Make Resin Coasters

1. Square Silicone Molds

To start with making your aesthetic square coaster resin artwork, you need to get square silicone molds. For these molds, you can choose the base pattern and size of your choice. In the market, you can find various designs, sizes, and shapes for your resin coaster project so, you can go for the one that meets your requirements.

2. Epoxy Resin and Hardener

For the next step, you need to prepare your resin that you will be using in your square silicone molds for your coasters. The quantity of the epoxy resin and hardener depends on the size of your mold. It is essential that you get a correct 2:1 mix ratio by volume. For this purpose, you need to take two parts resin and one part hardener. Once you have got the right ratio, take a container and add the measured epoxy resin and hardener in it and mix the two components well with the mixing stick while you have your gloves on.

3. Prepare and Add the First Layer

For the first layer that will be going on the sides of the two molds, you only need to add chunky silver glitter to the clear resin mixture. Now, take a mixing stick and blend the glitter in the resin mixture. After that, you can pour the mixture on the sides of the molds.

4. Prepare and Pour Colored Resin Mixture in the First Mold

For the next step, you need to prepare resin mixture for the first mold. To do this, you need to make different colored batches with alcohol ink that gives resin a translucent look. You can start with green, and then move on to yellow, purple, blue, and watermelon pink, and then end on green again. Take alcohol ink for each color and mix it well in separate resin mixtures. Once you have achieved the perfect color, you can start by pouring your resin diagonally in the mold. Once you are done, leave it to cure overnight.

5. Prepare Colored Resin Mixture for the Base Layer of the Second Mold

For the second mold, you need to tint your resin tea pink by blending tea pink mica powder in your resin mixture. After this, you can pour the tea pink mixture in the opposite corners of the mold. In the middle portion, you need to add dark green resin mixture made by using dark green alcohol ink for the translucent look.

6. Decorate with Glitter

After you are done pouring the base layer in the second mold, leave it for some time until it gets a gel-like consistency. After that, you can take your light gold crushed glass and decorate the borders of the dark green portion with the help of toothpick and poke needle. To cure this part, use your resin curing UV flashlight.

7. Pour the Final Layer in the Second Mold

After the base layer has set a little bit, add the final clear resin layer to give it the finishing touch. Now, let the second coaster mold cure by leaving it overnight as well.

8. Ready for Use Square Resin Coasters

Once your two molds have fully dried, you can gently demold them and use them as aesthetic coasters or decorate your tables with their stunning colors and patterns.

Now, you don’t need to use plain, boring plastic coasters on your dinning table. Get your supplies now to make marvellous resin square coasters for yourself or your family and friends.

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