How to Make an Epoxy Candle Holder

Epoxy Candle holderThis guide will help you to discover how to make an epoxy candle holder out of resin and artificial flowers. This beautiful candle holder is constructed with epoxy resin and artificial flowers and botanicals for a one-of-a-kind home accessory or homemade present.

In this post, we will cover a step-by-step guide to craft a resin candle holder from scratch without any hassle.

As handmade presents, candles are becoming extremely popular. The beautiful resin candle holders on these DIY candles are what make them sparkle, making them a fantastic way to experience aromatherapy at home.

The beauty of this product is that you can make one at home for yourself, exactly with the colors and the decorations that you like. After the candle is burned, you can replace it with a new one in the same candle holder. It is very easy to clean and extremely resistant. You can use this holder for other purposes too, like jewelry holder, make-up pads holders, etc.

What is amazing about this DIY candle holder is that you can use any type of mold, colors and botanicals that you desire and it's a very easy and fun project to make.

Continue reading this article to find out how to make a candle holder all by yourself, and to get answers to frequently asked questions about producing resin candle holders with dried flowers embedded within.

1. The Supplies You'll Need

Materials needed

If you want to duplicate this candle DIY, here are the supplies you'll need to construct.

Dried Flowers

The dried flowers and botanicals are the materials that will be included in the resin. In this video, we used an assortment of bright colored daisy flowers, wildflowers, and summer botanicals. You may, however, pick your botanicals according to the season. This might range from dried orange slices to eucalyptus leaves, roses, spring flowers like cherry blossom, lilies, and many more.

Measuring glass

You can use a short glass vase that you can find in any one-dollar store. There are various models suitable for this kind of DIY. You will also need disposable cups to mix the colored epoxy resin together.

Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resins are now accessible from numerous specialized dealers as well as most home improvement retailers. When you purchase over the Internet, you typically have more options, and you can frequently obtain these things at the cheapest price. At numerous dealers, you will most likely discover by far the greatest range of high-quality product variations for all potential areas of use online.

Here, we used 1/2 cup of clear epoxy resin mixed with glitter, 1/2 cup of clear epoxy resin, and 1/3 cup of colored epoxy.

Glitter flakes

Glitter Flake, with its textured glitter finish, provides eye-catching patterns that are suitable for a variety of applications. You can choose from a large range of colors and models and glitter flakes are very easy to find online or in physical stores.

Color pigment

There is a various range of color pigments used in coloring the epoxy resin that you can find online.

Tools Needed


The tweezers are necessary so that you can place more easily your dried flowers inside the mold.

Stirring stick

To mix the epoxy resin, you'll need stirring sticks. A stick will also come in handy when placing the dried flowers or botanicals in your resin candle mold.

Candle holder mold

For this project, we chose a flower-like type of mold for our candle holder, you can find them on a lot of e-commerce websites, and you also have a ton of other models that you can choose from.


Resin is a really dangerous chemical that when not worked with properly may cause you a lot of difficulties with your health. We recommend you use a face mask to protect yourself from the chemical steam of the epoxy resin.

Silicone Gloves

Gloves are very important because when you're mixing or working with these chemicals, they might get into your hands and hard for disposal.

2. Step by step Tutorial

Step 1  Decide the placement of the dried flowers

The first step in making a resin candle holder with dried flowers is to create your design and decide where you want the dried flowers to go. To begin planning the design, place the mold upside down on a table. Then, inside the mold, put a few pieces of the various flowers that you chose. These will be the elements that are embedded in the initial layer of resin.the placement of the dried flowers

Step 2  Pour the first layer of resin

Once you've decided on a design, pour the resin into the container to set it. Fill half of a measuring glass with epoxy resin, pour some glitter flakes (we chose the blue and purple color in this video), and mix them all up with a stirring stick. After you mixed up all of the ingredients, pour the first cup inside of the mold.

Tip: Try to pour the resin inside the mold as equally as possible, by making a circular movement around the mold.Pour the first layer of resin

Step 3  Pour the second layer of resin

The next step in creating the candle holder is to pour a second layer of resin, this time, a clear resin with nothing mixed up in it. To create the visual effect that we want, you should add half of a cup of clear resin. It is also used as a base for the next layer of dried flowers. Don't forget to pour the resin equally inside the mold.

Pour the second layer of resin

Step 4  Place the second layer of dried flowers

For a cute and interesting design, you can place flowers at the bottom to create this particular visual effect. Take a tweezer and place the flower upside down very carefully. After you placed the flower, you can go ahead with the next layer of resin.Place the second layer of dried flowers

Step 5  Pour the last layer of colored resin

Pour equal quantities of each portion of the two-part resin into separate disposable cups to mix the epoxy resin.
Pour the color pigment into the cup and mix them together. Using a dowel or craft stick, continually stir the resin components together until the two parts are fully combined. After you mixed the resin, you can pour the cups of colored resin inside the mold. You should pour one color on one side and the other color on the other side on the mold.

Pour the last layer of colored resin

Step 6  Add some glitter at the end

Don't forget to add some glitter on the top of the resin to complete the entire design. You can pour some directly from their recipient.Add the glitter

Step 7  Let it rest

Allow the mold to cure for 4 hours, undisturbed, in a 75-degree room. This gives the resin time to solidify before moving on to the next step.

Step 8  Remove the mold

After you put on some gloves, carefully remove it from the mold using your hands. If you want some extra help, you can use some tweezers or some sticks.

Remove the mold

Step 9  Place a candle inside and enjoy your candle holder!

I hope you enjoyed learning how to make resin candle holders. For a better understanding, watch the video and read the steps and you will definitely get the best outcome!

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Can you put a glass insert in before a candle to avoid damaging the holder? Seen resin candle holders with no warning so was wandering how they do it

@Jennifer H Hi Jennifer, yes you can. The resin candle holder is okay provided it doesn’t get too warm. You might want to test a few first. I would also expect different resins to be more ‘heat resistant’ than others. The harder it cures, the more likely it is to accept a wax candle.

Can you put real wax candles in the resin candle holder???
Jennifer H

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