How to Make Artistic Resin Bookmark

It is well-known that bookmarks are book lovers’ best friends. If you are also one of them, you don’t necessarily have to resort to boring bookmarks available in the market every time. You can also bring on your creativity and make some artistic resin bookmarks yourself. Scroll down to find a few resin bookmark ideas and how you can do that in a fun way:

Supplies Needed

Following is the list of things you require to create your artistic bookmarks:

  • Resin Bookmark Mold of Varying Sizes
  • Epoxy Resin and Hardener
  • Black, Beige, Pink, White, Sky Blue, and Azure Blue Mica Powder
  • Black, Bronze, White, Silver, Pink, and Azure Blue Nail Polish
  • LED UV Nail Polish Curing Lamp
  • Ball-tip Needles
  • Tweezers
  • Flower and Quote Charms
  • Bookmark tassels
  • Gold Chain and Beads
  • Pliers
  • Small Cups with Thin Spouts
  • Toothpicks
  • Gloves

Step by Step Instructions 

Below are the detailed instructions that you can easily follow to make the perfect resin bookmarks:

1. Fill the Bookmark Silicone Molds with Resin

First of all, to start with your bookmarks, you need to prepare your epoxy resin mixture by combining epoxy resin and hardener with mica powder of your choice, and then use that mixture to fill the bookmark silicone molds.

For different molds, you can use the color combinations of your choice. For this project, to fill the first mold, you will use black resin mixture in both the ends of the bookmark mold.  After pouring in the black resin mixture, add beige resin mixture in the middle of the mold. If you feel like the mixture you added to the mold is not enough, you can add a bit more.

For the next mold, you will use pink and white resin mixture. Follow the same pattern as you did for the first mold. Pink resin mixture will go in the middle while white resin mixture will adorn the ends of the bookmark mold.

For the third mold, you will use azure blue resin mixture on the end through which you will insert bookmark tassel. For the remaining part of the third mold, you will use sky blue mixture.

As the resin cures, you will notice the two colors merging into each other and creating beautiful patterns. Make sure you don’t fill the molds to the brim with the tinted resin mixture as you will need some space for the final clear resin layer at the top.

2.Spread Out the Resin Mixture

Although resin is self-leveling, which means it spreads out across the surface easily and equally, you may still occasionally need to use a toothpick to spread the resin mixture so that it fills the mold properly and does not leave any portion untouched. This is an important part as you would not want any irregularities in the pattern.

3.Add Detailing

Adding some detailing to your bookmarks will make them standout. For this purpose, you can take some nail polish on a plate and use ball-tip needles to add some dots of contrasting colors to the bookmarks.

To dry them quickly, you can put the molds under LED UV nail polish curing lamp one by one.


Once the dots have cured, you can again use contrasting colors to create smaller dots and add irregular borders to the bigger ones with the help of ball-tip needles to turn the dots into classic leopard prints.

Again, use the UV lamp to dry them quickly.

4.Add the Charms and Final Resin Layer

Next, once the molds have cured, you can add the flower and quote charms to them to make them even more beautiful.


Stick them to the bookmarks with the help of tweezers for neatness.


After adding the charms, you will need to pour some clear resin mixture in the mold to seal the charms and complete the bookmarks. Now, leave the molds to cure overnight.

5.Demold and Add Finishing Touches

After the molds have fully dried, you can demold them and add bookmark tassels to them. You can either get matching bookmark tassels from the market or make them yourself. To make them yourself, you will need a gold chain and some beads. Use pliers to cut the chain at your desired length and then insert matching beads to the chain.

Again, use the pliers to tighten the rings joining the chain and the beads together.

Once you are done with the finishing touches, you can adorn your books with your pretty bookmarks.

If you or any of your loved ones always have their nose stuck in their favorite book, it would be great to have some amazing bookmarks. So, it is time that you get your resin bookmark supplies now and make them at home. Gift them to your loved ones so that they can use those bookmarks in their favorite books as well.

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