How to Make Dried Flower Resin Dispenser

Finding the perfect items that are not only functional but also add to the beauty of your place can be really hard. The market is filled with mediocre options with no aesthetics and beautiful options that are too expensive. You would not want to deal with them! In this case, when you can’t resort to the options available in the market, what should you do? The simple answer is to bring in your creativity and have some fun with resin while you turn it into functional and stunning art pieces.

Aesthetics dispensers are a great way to upgrade the look of your home without stuffing it with unnecessary stuff. So, scroll down to find all you need to know about making your own aesthetic dried flower resin dispenser.

Supplies Needed for Dried Flower Resin Dispenser Project

  • Soap/Lotion Dispenser Silicone Mold with Pump Attachment
  • Epoxy Resin and Hardener
  • Black Mica Powder
  • Gold Leaf Paper to Add Glitter to Your Artwork
  • Dried Flower Branches
  • Scissors to Cut Off Excess Flower Branches
  • Small Cups with Thin Spouts
  • Mixing Stick
  • Gloves


1. Soap/Lotion Dispenser Silicone Mold with Pump Attachment

First of all, to begin with your beautiful, dried flower resin dispenser project, you need to get your hands on a dispenser silicone mold. These molds come with pump attachments so, you don’t have to worry about getting the pump attachment for your silicone mold separately. There are also a wide range of dispenser molds available in the market so, buy the ones with the design that you like, and the size that matches your requirements.

2. Epoxy Resin and Hardener

For the next step, you need to prepare your resin that you will be using in your silicone mold. The quantity of the epoxy resin and hardener you would have to mix up depends on the size of your mold. However, it is very important that you get a correct 2:1 mix ratio by volume. This means that you would need to take two parts resin and one part hardener before blending them. Once you have got the right ratio, take a container and add the measured epoxy resin and hardener in it and mix the two components well with the mixing stick while you have your gloves on.

3. Add Color to Your Resin

Once you have prepared your resin, you need to tint it with the color of your choice. For this purpose, take your black mica powder or a coloring agent of your choice and blend it nicely in your resin with the help of your mixing stick. Don’t forget that adding your mica powder in the container before the resin will allow you to achieve a smooth mixture as it will stop mica powder residue from staying on top of your tinted resin mixture.

 Add Color to Your Resin

4. Prepare to Pour the Black-tinted Resin

After you have prepared your resin and cleaned your silicone dispenser mold, you need to get started with pouring the first layer of black-tinted resin to the mold. Keep in mind that this project requires three layers so, you will need to make three different batches of resin. Black will be the top and bottom layer and gold leaf layer will be your middle one.

5. Pour the First Layer

Starting from bottom to top, the first layer that comes is black. So, take a small container with a thin spout and pour in your first layer up to the level that you desire. While you are pouring the first layer of your bottle portion, don’t forget to pour black-tinted resin in the pump portion of the resin dispenser silicone mold as well. Once the first layer in done, wait for three to six hours so that it can get a gel-like consistency before adding the dried flower branches and pouring the second layer over it.

 Pour the First Layer

6. Prepare the Gold Leaf Paper Resin for Second Layer

Once the first layer starts to thicken, begin preparing the resin for the second layer to pour over it. To do this, mix epoxy resin and hardener, and then add gold leaf paper in it, and mix it well with your mixing stick. This will give your dispenser a nice shimmer and make it look aesthetic as well.

7. Add the dried flower branches and Pour the Second Layer

For the middle part, you can now add the dried flower branches in the mold in the sequence you desire. Once you have set the dried flower branches, you can now start pouring the gold leaf layer in the mold. Once the second layer also achieves a gel-like consistency, you can cut off the excess branches with the help of scissors to give your project a neat look.

Add the dried flower branches and Pour the Second Layer

8. Pour the Third Layer

After cutting the branches, you can now pour the third black-tinted layer over it to complete the look. Make sure that you fill the silicone mold completely to the top so that your dispenser can get a smooth base.

 Pour the Third Layer

9. Demold the Fully Cured Resin Dispenser

Once you fill your dried flower resin dispenser mold with the resin mixture, you can leave it to cure overnight. The cure time of resin is about 24 hours so, you can gently take the resin dispenser bottle and pump portion out of the silicone mold once it is fully cured.

 Demold the Fully Cured Resin Dispenser

10. Fix the Bottle and Pump Portion

For the last part, you can now sand your resin bottle and pump portion as necessary before joining the two components to form one whole bottle. To do this, mix epoxy solutions, apply the mixture to the pump portion, and then join it together with the bottle portion to dry.

 Fix the Bottle and Pump Portion

11. Ready for Use Resin Dispenser

Now that the two parts have been joined together, you can fix the pump attachment on the bottle and use it as you like. However, if you don’t want to use your incredible dispenser bottle in your bathroom, you can always keep it in your bedroom and make it the home to your makeup brushes!

Ready for Use Resin Dispenser

Tips and Tricks:

  • For this project, as you will have to make multiple batches of resin, beware of flash curing.
  • If you are struggling with your resin dispenser project and silicone mold, you can use some alcohol in the sides to take the resin dispenser out of the mold easily.
  • To join the two pieces, you can also use superglue instead of resin mixture, but it will not have as strong of a bond.
  • You should always wait before pouring another resin layer on top of the first one as the gel-like consistency of the first layer after three to six hours can help the second layer join together seamlessly with the initial layer and create a strong bond. It can also help avoid charms pushing down into the bottom layer.

It is time to upgrade plain, old bottles in your home with resin dispensers made with love to make your place look even more stunning. You can also use your creativity to make your loved ones happy by giving them artistic dispensers. So, you should stop wasting your time and get your resin dispenser supplies right away!

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