How to Make Father’s Day Photo Frame

In this passage, I will be showing you how to make an adorable personalized Father's Day photo frame. You can gift this to your dad and make his day or you can use it as a Father's Day party decoration. It can be quite tricky to make it neat as there are quite a lot of complicated steps involved. However, for your ease, I have kept the steps very simple so that it is easy for you to understand and replicate.

Supplies You Need

  • Epoxy and hardener
  • Resin mold that says ‘Dad’ and a box-shaped mold. Some tiny molds in random shapes will be used as decorative charms
  • Holographic sheet that is transparent and super shiny
  • UV ray light torch that would seal everything in place
  • Hot glue gun to stick things together
  • Go through your pictures with dad from your favorite memories together or choose his pictures.
  • Navy blue paint to add color to the resin mixture
  • Yellow or any random colored paint for the miniature charms
  • A marker to trace out on the sheet
  • Scissor to cut out what you trace


Follow these simple steps to achieve the same Father's Day photo frame:

Step 1

Take your molds and use them as something to trace out. Trace out ‘Dad’ from the mold that says ‘Dad’ and trace out the shape of the box mold on your holographic sheet as well.  Be careful while tracing them out, you want it to be the exact same size as the mold. Next, take a scissors and careful cut along what you have traced. Now you will have pieces of holographic sheets in the exact same size and shape as your molds.

Trace out ‘Dad’ mold
cut the traced holographic sheet

Step 2

Mix your resin and hardener in equal quantities to prepare your mixture. This is an essential step as you cannot use the resin or hardener alone. They both need to be combined together to form a mixture that will help us in this project. Now pour your resin mixture halfway into the molds, make sure not to fill them up entirely as there are many more layers to come. This is just going to be the base. Take the holographic sheets you cut; the box-shaped sheet is what we will be using for now. Place the box-shaped sheet on top of the mold that is in the same shape.

pour your resin mixture halfway into the molds

Step 3

This is a super fun step. Go through pictures of your dad and choose your favorite ones of him or your pictures together. This is what will add a personalized and memorable touch to your frame. Gently place them on top of the resin you poured in the ‘Dad’ shaped mold once the resin has dried. Use a hot glue gun on the edges of the picture to secure it in place. Next, take out your UV light torch. If you do not have it you don’t need to worry about it. You can also make use of the one that is used to dry up nails. A UV light will help us to set everything in place. Once that is done, pour in another layer of resin. To top off this layer place the sheet of holographic paper that you cut out in ‘Dad’ shape. Make sure to spread it nicely, so that there are no folds or bubbles in it. Now pour in another layer of resin.

use uv resin to secure it in place

apply the uv light to cure

Step 4

I am also making some miniature resin charms. I simply took some tiny cute molds for this in random shapes and designs. I mixed paint in some parts of resin so that I could make colored charms while other charms remained clear. I used yellow paint to make yellow charms as well. I simply poured the resin mixture into the molds and let them dry. 

making some miniature resin charms

Step 5

Adding some color is always a good option to add more dimension to your project. So, now I will mix in some navy-blue coloring into a part of resin. The reason I chose navy blue color is because we’re going for a holographic look of this project. So navy blue will perfectly compliment this theme. Once I have my colored resin mixture, I will be pouring it on top off both my resin molds. This will create a pretty blue resin layer. This will be the final layer.

mix in some navy-blue color

Step 6

Leave your resin molds to dry out and gently de-mold it once it’s all dried. Once you have your resin pieces ready it is now time to assemble it into a frame and complete the overall look. Fix your ‘Dad’ resin into the box so that it’s upright. I will be adding the finishing touches now to make it look more presentable. I will take all the miniature charms I made and glue them randomly in a way that it looks aesthetic. Use a hot glue gun to fix them and a UV light torch to secure everything in place.


Tada! You’re done with your project!

If you’re into resin crafts and want to surprise your dad with something creative and handmade try out this project. It will definitely put a smile across his face. You can follow the exact steps I did and make minor changes according to your preference and liking. The whole point is to make a personalized project that suits your dad’s personality. I hope you enjoyed this video, stay tuned on our channel for more fun content.

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