How to Make Mesmerizing Snowflake Wind Chime

Winter is around the corner and there can be nothing more apt as a new home decoration than a beautiful snowflake wind chime for this amazing season. Instead of rushing to the market to get your hands on it, try to make one at home by following the instructions below.

Supplies Needed

Following is the list of things you need to make your snowflake wind chime:

  • Snowflake Silicone Molds of Varying Sizes and Shapes
  • Epoxy Resin and Hardener
  • Small Iridescent Glass Spheres
  • Black Alcohol Ink
  • A Drill for Micro Drilling
  • Clear Nylon Cord
  • Beads of Different Shapes and Sizes
  • Scissors
  • Gold Moon Charms
  • Small Crystal Ball
  • Gold Jingle Bells
  • Lobster Clasp
  • Small Cups with Thin Spouts
  • Stir Stick
  • Gloves

Step-by-step Instructions

Below are the detailed instructions that you need to follow to make the perfect snowflake wind chime:

  • Add the Iridescent Glass Spheres

In order to make this artwork, you first need to start by adding small iridescent glass spheres in your snowflake molds with the help of a stir stick.

As you need to do this for all snowflake molds, you can determine their position and quantity in each of those molds. For some, you can add the spheres in their ridges and grooves; for others, you can add the spheres in the centre.

  • Fill the Molds with Resin

For the second part, you need to fill your molds with black resin that you can obtain by mixing black alcohol ink in the epoxy mixture. Here, you can also use black mica powder, but alcohol ink is preferred to give the molds a translucent look. Fewer drops of alcohol ink in the epoxy mixture will ensure that you get a midnight blue color perfect for the snowflakes.

  • Demold the Snowflake Molds

Once your molds have fully cured, you can carefully take the dried resin snowflakes out to start working on them for the next parts. Resin usually takes about twenty-fours to completely cure so, don’t be impatient because it can ruin your artwork.

  • Get a Drill for Some Micro Drilling

For the next part, you need to take a drill to poke small holes in your resin snowflakes for the cords to pass through and hold your snowflakes together in the shape of a wind chime. For this purpose, make sure that you get a drill that has a precise spindle and low runout, and is meant for micro drilling.

While you are micro drilling, look out for the appearance of wear indicators. Keep in mind that you only need to poke holes in alternate branches.

  • Build the Wind Chime Structure

Once you are done with the micro drilling, you can start the next step that requires you to build the structure of the wind chime with the help of thin and clear nylon cord and beads of different sizes and shapes. Start with the bigger snowflake that will occupy the second position in the wind chime structure. Take the nylon cord, pass it through one of its holes and tie it at one end with the help of a smaller bead to help secure the cord in place.

Now, fill the cord with some beads of your choice. Make sure that you use bigger sized beads at the start and end of the cord between the two snowflakes, with smaller, spherical beads in the middle.

After you have filled the first portion of the cord with beads, pass the cord through one of the holes of the smaller snowflake which will rest on the top of other snowflakes and secure it there. Now, repeat the same process for the remaining holes of the bigger snowflake corresponding with the holes of the smaller snowflake until you are done with all of them.

  • Make the Top Strands

To make the top bead strands, use the same cord coming from the bigger snowflake below. First weave some small beads, then a bigger one, and then more smaller beads in the cord to complete the strand. After you have completed all three alternate strands of the top snowflake, you can tie the cord and attach a lobster clasp at the end to complete the initial wind chime structure.

  • Add Charms

Once you have built your wind chime structure, you can start adding some details with the help of gold moon charms and beads. Use the remaining three branch holes of the top snowflake to pass the cord through them. For each cord, use a smaller gold bead, than a small bluish bead before a bigger bead, and then complete the strand by adding another bluish bead before adding the gold moon charm at the end of the strand.

Add a small crystal in the middle and secure its cord with a small gold bead on top, and then add remaining two gold moon charms to complete the first tier of your wind chime by following the same process mentioned above.

  • Add Detailing to the Final Tier

For the final tier of your wind chime, you would need your resin snowflakes and some beads. Use the free holes in your second snowflake that acts as a roof to hang more strands with it. First, take a bead to secure the cord at top when you tie it and then use smaller beads followed by a final bigger bead before you add the snowflake to the strand.

At the end of the strand, add a small, gold jingle bell to the opposite branch of the snowflake with the help of a short piece of cord and beads.

  • Repeat the Process for Remaining Snowflakes

Now, you need to repeat the same process for the remaining beads, snowflakes, and jingle bells to complete your snowflake wind chime.

Make sure that you start with a smaller length of the first snowflake and jingle bell strand, followed by gradually increasing strand length for the following snowflake and jingle bell strands, with the last one being the longest strand of all.

Use scissors to cut the excessive cords and give your snowflake wind chime a neat look.

  • Hang Your Snowflake Wind Chime

After all the effort you have put into this resin artwork that required different techniques to complete the snowflake windchime, it is now the time to hang it in your favorite spot and mesmerize whoever enters your home.

Snowflake wind chimes can be the perfect gift for your family and friends. You can also hang it in your kid’s room to make it their dream fairyland. Get your supplies now to start this project before winters come to an end!

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