How to Make Petri Enchanting Resin Angel Ornaments

Winters are a time of celebrations and joy, with family and friends coming over to spend quality time together and enjoy the little things in life. Among these things, engaging in fun activities like making resin ornaments is a great way of sharing moments of cheerfulness and creating beautiful memories.

This season of festivities, if you also want to bring everyone together and take part in making resin angel ornaments, scroll down to find the supplies that you need and the instructions you have to follow.

Supplied Needed

  • Angel Silicone Molds
  • Epoxy Resin and Hardener
  • Filbert Paint Brush
  • Heat Gun
  • Liquid Resin Pigments (Blue, Baby Pink, Purple, and White)
  • Black Mica Powder
  • White Mica Powder
  • Small Cup with Thin Spout
  • Gloves

Step-by-step Instructions

1) Prepare the Base of the Molds

Start this project by first preparing the base of your angel molds.

For this purpose, use clear resin mixture and fill the molds leaving half an inch of space.

For this purpose, use clear resin mixture and fill the molds leaving half an inch of space.

With the help of the heat gun, remove the air bubbles. You can also make use of your hair dryer instead; however, it might blow the resin everywhere and create a mess. Don’t forget to wear your gloves during this process to avoid any dermatological reaction.

2) Add the Colors

After removing the air bubbles, you can now work with a smooth surface.

Take the liquid resin pigments and squeeze a few drops of each colour over the clear resin to completely cover it. Allow the pigments to spread naturally to create beautiful patterns.

To create additional swirl patterns, use thin-spouted cup to pour thin strands of white resin in circular motion. Leave the mold for about six hours so that the pigmented layer can set. This will also help the layer get a gel like consistency for better adhesion to the second layer.

3) Add the Final Layer

Use a cup with thin spout to pour the black resin mixture over the pigmented layer.

The cured first layer will prevent the black resin from mixing with the other colours and help it form a perfect bond.

The thin spout of the cup will help you control the quantity that you need, preventing overflowing of the resin. Fill the mold to the brim and leave it to dry overnight.

4) Demold the Angels

Once your molds have fully cured after about twenty-four hours, you can carefully demold them.

Now, you can use these angel ornaments to decorate your home or gift them to your family and friends to add to their festivities.

Season-appropriate decorations can really brighten up your place and mood, and when you make them yourself, you can add a touch of personalization as well. So, it’s time to get your hands on the required supplies and start making delightful angel ornaments to place around your home.


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I’m curious to see why is there a filbert paint brush in the supplies needed. There’s no mention of it in the instructions.


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