How to Make Resin Earrings - The Complete Guide

how to make resin earrings

Resin earrings are one of the best things you can make with resin because they are simple and can be turned into high-end looking pieces of jewelry. It is easy to start and over time you can practice creating beautiful earrings full of popping colours.

What You’ll Need

Although you do not need too many supplies to start making your own resin earrings, you will have to plan ahead to make sure you have everything ready to go. This list gives you everything you will definitely need in order to start:

  • Resin mix pack (resin and hardener)
  • Earring molds (shape is up to you!)
  • Stir sticks
  • Toothpicks
  • Earring hooks/wires
  • Gloves

With these materials, you can make some amazing resin earrings diy projects. But, if you want to go a little above and beyond, these extra materials can be added on once you become a pro:

  • Coloured dyes
  • Sparkles
  • Jewelry glue

How To Make Resin Earrings

You should be sure to take the necessary precautions while making resin earrings to keep yourself safe. Resin should always be used while wearing gloves and working in a well-ventilated area with open windows and doors. Before it completely cures, resin does have some toxic properties (which are actually what allows it to harden so well) so although it is safe to use you should set yourself up for success.

Step 1 Prepare your materials

Gather all of your materials, which you can already have right by your side. Follow the list mentioned above and you are ready to go.

Step 2 Place your molds

Grab your molds and place them onto a piece of tape face up (onto the sticky side). This way, they’ll be stuck in place and the resin will have a perfect whole to rest in so it can avoid leaking out and even possibly ruining your earring shape. You could also leave them flat on a table as long as they have a bottom to support the resin.

Step 3 Mix the resin

This process is easy and only takes a little bit of time. Take your measuring cups and resin mixtures, and by following the mixing procedures your resin suggests, mix them together until the two liquids are completely blended. As a tip, be sure there are no bubbles or streaks left over (this mixing might be the longest part, but make sure you do it right!).

mix your resin

Step 4 Add your colours

Now is the time you can pick out or grab the dye you want to use and add it into your ready-to-go resin mixture. If you want your earrings to have more than one colour, you can even separate your epoxy mix into two and dye them different colours.

add your color

Step 5  Get ready to pour

This step requires some careful movements and a lot of patience. You can use toothpicks to pick up resin and drop it into the centre of each mold or you can substitute that for a small resin pipette. With either option, you have to be very careful not to pour too much, because overflowing the molds will ruin your final earring creations.

get ready to pour

Step 6 Pop the bubbles

Now that your resin is poured into the molds and is ready to go, go in with a fine toothpick and remove any and all bubbles that might be laying below the surface. You have to be tedious here, because any bubbles left behind will be sure to show and might ruin the look of your earrings.

Step 7 Let it rest 

All done! For the next twenty-four hours, your job is done. All you have to do now is sit back and wait.

let it rest

Resin Earrings Casting

Once your earrings and finished curing and the material is completely dry, you should be able to pick the earrings up inside the mold without feelings any movement. Even though the resin was a liquid before, it should feel completely solid now. Once it feels like this, you’ll gently remove each earring from its mold – and wow! Look at that, you’ll have resin earrings right in the palm of your hand. Now you can attach any additional materials, like earrings hooks and poles, to turn them into real earrings that can be worn.

resin earring casting

Earrings with bezel

Bezel earrings are one of the many types of resin earrings you can experiment making. A resin bezel is a mold that you pour the resin right into which already looks like the circular shape of the earrings. Then, all that is left to you is let it dry and with no extra effort you have an earring ready to be worn. The benefit of a bezel earring is that you can choose from a variety of shapes, and it is relatively easy to work with. All you have to worry about is the resin mixture and colors or designs you choose. Plus, these earrings can dangle if that is the type of look you are looking for.

resin with bezel

You might choose a bezel earring if you are looking for something bigger that will hang from your ear. These earrings and large and extravagant, making a beautiful choice for people who like big jewelry.

Earrings with stud

Your other options when it comes to epoxy earring is stud earrings. Stud earrings do not dangle, meaning they sit flat on your ear, and they are a little different to make than the bezel option. Rather than pour resin mix right into the earring itself, you can attach on a stud earring backing so the earring can be worn easily. These are just as easy to make and still give you plenty of creative freedom.

resin with stud

You might choose to make stud earrings since the process can be a little easier than bezel. Stud earring backings can either be applied with jewelry glue or applied while the resin is still in the curing process. This means there is no need to purchase additional materials or do the additional step, meaning they can be easier to make than the bezel option.

How To Assemble the Earring Pieces

Assembling resin earrings is quick and easy to do. Depending on the type of earring you are making, this process will look a little different. Bezel earrings require no additional put-together.

Stud earrings will have to be taken one step further even after you left your resin fully cure. Once your resin can be picked up without worry and is completely dry, you’ll want to grab your stud earring supplies. This looks like a pin and is the part that will actually go inside the ear-piercing hole. The stud earring bar will have a flat end, and this is where it attached to the resin piece you just created. With a sturdy jewelry glue, you can attach these two ends together very easily. Then, let it sit and rest for some time before coming back to try them on.

Be sure not to use hot glue when applying the earring backings onto the resin front. Hot glue will cause the resin to melt and deform, ruining the progress you’ve made so far. Jewelry glue is much safer and will give you exactly what you need.

DIY Gift Earring Ideas

Now you know everything there is about taking on your own resin earrings diy project. These are safe and fun for all ages, and once you master the initial steps, you’ll be hand crafting beautiful art that gets better and better. Once you’ve become a resin pro, there are even ways you can take your art to the next level by creating new styles and gifting them to the people you care about most. Resin epoxy earrings make for a fun gift that is heartfelt and unique every time.

For unique gift ideas, try experimenting with different colors and patterns that all your friends will love. You can also leave objects inside the resin to dry with it, like sparkles or flowers, that will show through after it finishes curing. Check more diy earrings projects here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What resin do you use for earrings?

The best resin to use for earrings is epoxy resin. Epoxy resin is clear and beautiful, giving your finished earrings a nice shine that is ideal for jewelry. Plus, this type of resin dries quickly, over about a day, and is very study after this. This means you won’t have to worry about your new earrings breaking or scratching once they’ve been made.

Is resin safe for earrings?

Yes, epoxy resin is very safe for making earrings and should not worry you at all. After the initial curing process is complete, resin no longer holds onto any of the toxic properties it used to. Resin is safe to use for earrings and poses no risks that should have you turning away from it. In fact, it is so safe that even pregnant women and kids can wear resin without a problem.

You now have all the tips and tools you need to create some resin earrings. Remember to be creative and try new designs! Follow these steps and be sure to share your creations with your friends and family!

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