How to Make Spongebob and Patrick Coaster

Do you want to make coasters yourself? You're at the right article then! Through the simple steps, I will be mentioning that you can easily make adorable SpongeBob Coasters for yourself and revive your childhood memories. It can be tricky to achieve the right amount of neatness, but through some tips and tricks I have mentioned, it would not be tough!

Things you will need for this project

  • Epoxy Resin
  • Resin molds in round shapes or any shape you want your coaster in
  • Yellow and pink paint
  • Hard paper to cut out templates
  • Markers of different colors to add details to your coaster
  • Scissors to cut out paper templates and masking tape
  • White and green paint
  • Tweezers to carefully pick everything instead of messing up your hands
  • Cotton and sponge to apply the paint and get the texture we require

Simple steps that you need to follow in order to make these adorable coasters

Step 1- Preparing resin mixture and creating a base

Divide your resin mixture into three equal parts. Add pink color to one part and yellow color to the second part. Keep the third one transparent by not adding any color to it. Add a layer of pink resin in one mold and yellow resin in another mold. This will be your base. Leave it to dry and once it is dry you can proceed to the next step.

yellow and pink resin

Step 2 Placing the masking tape

Placing the masking tape correctly is crucial. On the yellow mold place one piece of masking tape horizontally while leaving about one-fourth of space at the bottom. Place another piece of masking tape similarly on the pink mold as well. Take another piece of masking tape and place it on the yellow mold at the very bottom while leaving little space in between both pieces of masking tape.

Step 3 Cutting out paper templates

To prepare, cut out the shape of eyes on hard paper; this will be your template to paint the eyes. Make sure to do these preparation steps before to save time and prevent and hindrance in your project. Use of masking tape is essential for this project as it will add the precision and neatness that we want. Using masking tape helps in correct placement of the paint and prevents paint from getting to places we don't want. The paper template does the same, it will help you draw your eyes in the perfect shape without any problems.

Step 4 Painting on the base to achieve the look

For this step, take your tweezer and pick up a piece of cotton with it. Dip it in white paint, and in a dabbing motion, apply it in the space between the two pieces of masking tape you applied to the yellow mold. Now on the same cotton piece, take green paint and apply it in a dabbing motion below the masking tape you applied on the pink mold. Place the template you already cut first on the yellow mold. Use a piece of cotton and white paint to fill in the eyes. Remove the masking tape once the paint has dried from the yellow mold. Take another piece of masking tape and apply it on the part you filled in on the yellow mold. Now take brown paint and, with the help of a sponge, fill in the bottom part of this mold. Once the paint has dried, remove the masking tape applied. Remove the masking tape that was applied on the pink mold. Use the same paper template to add eyes to this mold as well. Add a touch of white paint on the cheek area to add to the cuteness.

Step 5 Adding details to it

Use a brown marker and draw brown spots on the yellow mold to make it look like SpongeBob. Draw its blue pupil as well with a blue marker and trace out the eyes with the help of a black marker. Also trace out the white strip we painted and draw SpongeBob's red tie and belt. Draw its nose and mouth to complete the face. Fill in the red tie with a red marker and also use it to add some red lines under the eyes. With the help of a black marker trace out the eyes of the pink mold as well while also drawing its pupil and eyebrows. You may use a picture of SpongeBob to look for any important details and add them.

Step 6 The finishing touch

Now that the details of SpongeBob's face are done take your clear resin and pour it in the mold making sure to fill it till the top. This will create a top layer to prevent the coaster overall. Let it dry and harden up. Once it is set, gently demold both your coasters. You are all done with this project.

Tada! You're done with this project! Now you have your very own SpongeBob coasters. I have tried to keep the steps as easy as possible so that it is easy for you to follow. I have also included some tricks, such as using masking tape to add neatness to your project. This project will give you two different resin coasters both inspired by SpongeBob. You can use it as a coaster yourself or keep it simply as something cute to decorate your space with. This can also be a lovely gift option for someone who loves SpongeBob. Collect your supplies and start making these coasters as soon as possible.

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