Is Epoxy Resin Waterproof

Is Epoxy Resin Waterproof?

Like many other forms of resin, IntoResin epoxy resin is 100% waterproof. This is providing, of course, that every possible square inch of the surface is adequately covered. If there are gaps in coverage, it’s possible for water or moisture to eventually work its way into the surface, which can ruin the item from the inside out. Given this one exception, IntoResin is considered a permanent, waterproof seal suitable for nearly any surface.  

What Are the Benefits of Using a Waterproof Epoxy Resin?

One of the main benefits of using a liquid sealant like IntoResin is the sheer amount of versatility offered. For instance, IntoResin is ideal for all sorts of projects where one might prefer a high gloss, protective sealant. This might include jewelry, paintings, woodwork, tabletops, and more.

IntoResin’s durable finish not only enhances the beauty of the work, but also helps the colors pop while adding depth and dimension. We’ve specifically designed the product so that it adheres well to a variety of different substrates, ensuring a hard, protective casing that is chemical resistant, non-corrosive, and waterproof.

While it is mostly used for crafts and DIY projects, IntoResin also makes an excellent adhesive for household repairs. In fact, you can use it inside and out for a permanent, waterproof bond that won’t suffer from shrinkage.

How is Two-Part Epoxy Resin Waterproof?

Most epoxy resins are made up of two parts: the resin itself and a hardener. When these two elements are mixed, it causes a chemical reaction that transforms the liquid into a hard, plastic solid. However, it’s important to note that this process is not instantaneous.

Once applied, the resin and hardener will need several days to fully cure. We recommend letting your project sit for 24 to 72 hours while covered to prevent dust or other small particles from getting in the drying resin. After three days, the surface of your project will have permanent weather and water-resistant seal.  

What Types of Material Can Be Made Waterproof with Epoxy Sealant?

We’ve designed IntoResin epoxy resin to be extremely versatile. Providing you completely cover the surface of your projects, you can create a waterproof seal over wood, metal, glass, canvas, plaster, photos, paper, paintings, sculptures, rocks, and even dried flowers. But that’s just the beginning! Resin bonds well with virtually any medium. The exception? Plastics or anything with a waxy, oily, or greasy surface. Fortunately, most items that fall under this category (rubber, vinyl, silicone, plastic) are the same surfaces that would benefit the least from epoxy coating.

Is Clear Epoxy Resin Waterproof Outdoors?

Providing it is fully cured (which can take up to 72 hours), clear epoxy resin like IntoResin will be both waterproof and weatherproof. This makes it ideal for outdoor situations. In fact, many of our customers use IntoResin to coat outdoor countertops, seal decorations and art projects, and protect a wide range of surfaces.
The only thing that you need to be aware of is how epoxy responds to UV ray exposure. For instance, all resins possess certain aromatic groups that have a very strong UV absorption rate. This makes them vulnerable to a process called “UV degradation.” Without getting into the science behind it all, this means that too much sun exposure can cause the resin to develop a yellowish color.

Does Epoxy Resin Make Wood Waterproof?

One of the most common uses for epoxy resin is to seal wooden surfaces. This could be a table top, an birdhouse, or the frame of a painting. And though epoxies like IntoResin can provide a waterproof seal around the exterior of the wood, there can be complications due to the wood itself.

Is Epoxy Resin Waterproof When Used as A Glue?

IntoResin epoxy resin actually makes for a powerful, waterproof glue that can be used both indoors and out. After all, it is highly durable, non-corrosion, and extremely chemical resistant. And since IntoResin doesn’t contain any non-reactive diluents or fillers, it won’t shrink as it cures.

To use our epoxy resin in this manner, simply mix and stir as you usually would and apply it with a brush. After about 72 hours of curing, you’ll have a transparent and completely waterproof repair.

In Conclusion

IntoResin epoxy resin is designed for maximum versatility. If you’re looking to protect a surface from water or moisture, it is among the best options on the market. Just make sure to use the product as instructed, and be sure to cover all surfaces completely.

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