Resin Crafts to Sell in 2023 - 23 Profitable Ideas

The resin market is one of the lucrative ways for dedicated artists to market and sell their expertise by crafting unique art pieces. Artists can choose to design thousands of the best resin crafts to sell that can bring huge returns.

According to a recent report, the global epoxy resin market was worth $8.9 billion in 2020. The market is further projected to grow at $16.6 billion by the end of 2023 with a CGPR rate of 6.5%. It indicates that the market has a promising future for those who want to make money by resin crafts selling and trade business.

However, you must have the right knowledge and technical information to sustain your long term position in the market. Delve into this article to learn what you need to know to start a successful resin craft business.

What Do You Need to Start a Resin Business?

Materials and the type of objects depend on the crafts you decide to make. Nevertheless, below mentioned are a few things that usually are required to start a resin craft business.

  • Resin
  • Pigments
  • Tools, such as mixing cups and stirrers.
  • Resin molds
  • Safety measures, such as gloves, respirator mask.

Top 18 Resin Crafts to Sell 2023

Making resin crafts to sell is a unique business idea as you are not limited by color, scale, style, design, volume and production. Here're the top 15 resin crafts to make and sell in 2023 and the list goes on.

1. Resin Coasters

Coasters are one of the great art products to make and sell as they are both functional and decorative. You can easily make resin coasters – just make sure to keep up a level of quality.


2. Resin Jewelry

To stand out from the crowd, you must come up with unique, rare and spectacular jewelry item ideas. The sky is the limit when it comes to designing resin jewelry. It is also something that can never be outdated.

how to make resin jewelry

3. Resin Keychains

Other than jewelry, one of the most in-demand resin crafts that everybody would love to have is resin keychains. There are endless ways when it comes to incorporate resin into keychains. You can craft attractive pressed flowers to seal a vintage map to leave an option for customers to get personalized keychains.


4. Resin Tables and Furnitures 

Are you still wondering what can be the best resin items you can create for higher returns? Look no further other than furniture including table, chair and more. When it comes to furniture, resin offers an exceptional level of durability and sustainability.

resin table

5. Resin Pet Tags

Customized pet tags made with resin can be a great investment which can help bring sustainable revenues. You can think of thousands of colors, styles, designs and textures.

dog tags

6. Resin Trays

Are you still thinking about which resin item sells well? If we say “serving trays” it wouldn’t be wrong since they are always popular. Serving trays are one of the most frequently used items in homes and their popularity isn’t likely to diminish.

resin tray

7. Resin Cutting Board

People often demand customized cutting boards. Thus, it is one of the great ideas to design cutting boards with resin and sell them in the market to make good money.

cutting boards

8. Resin Keycap

To make resin keycaps, you just need keycap molds, resin and a UV lamp for curing. Craft and market innovative resin keycaps to make money.

resin keycaps

9. Resin Dominoes

Another great resin made item – resin dominos, that you can consider selling and trading since many people often demand them.


10. Resin Dice

You can create a couple of items with the resin including resin dice as well. Resin is one of the best materials to use in dice to give them a more beautiful look.

how to make resin dice

11. Resin Pyramid

Another decoration item that people usually demand to place in homes for decoration purposes is a resin pyramid. Design and craft beautiful, attractive and colorful pyramids and sell them to earn passive income.

resin pyramid

12. Resin Tumbler

Choices are countless in terms of color, style, and design when it comes to crafting resin tumblers. Another important resin item you can consider making and selling for a profitable business.


13. Resin Ornaments

Another decorative item that is always in demand is resin ornaments which you can also consider selling. Just make sure to maintain the quality of products and you are good to go!

resin ornaments

14. Resin Crosses

Unique, exclusive and customized resin crosses are what people always love. Create amazing, incredible and exceptionally beautiful resin crosses and start earning money in no time.


15. Resin Chess Board

You can always create custom shapes for a chessboard and choices are limitless in terms of colors. Advertise and sell them at gift and craft shops to generate profit.

resin chess board

16. Resin Storage Box

One of the most popular resin projects across social media is resin storage box. Whether it’s a storage box for jewelry or a storage box for dice, there’re so many options to make and all of them are practical for daily use. Seriously, who can say no to a beautiful and useful storage box?

17. Resin Bowl

Resin bowls always have the ability to catch all attention because of their beautiful shapes. Although it requires some techniques to make, the financial returns will never disappoint you.

18. Resin Animals

Resin animals are another popular niche that you don’t want to miss. You can choose to make resin cats, dogs, wolves, deer, elephants, seahorses, octopuses, etc. There’re always some people on the market who love their special animals and this is where you can make money by meeting their needs.

Trending Popular Resin Crafts in 2023

Already excited about crafting and selling resin products? Here are a few trending resin items in 2023 you may also consider:

  • Resin Dragons

resin dragon

  • Resin Raindrop Effect Projects

  • Resin Hummingbirds

  • Resin Tree of Life Projects

  • Resin Pens

How to Choose Resin Items to Make and Sell?

To start a business is already a huge decision to make. When it comes to the resin product business, you must choose the items appropriately. Below mentioned are a few factors that you should take into account to have a promising resin business startup.

1. Huge Demand

To evaluate the success of the project, you must first do your research about the most in-demand resin crafts in the market. Check which resin items are in huge demand that can also remain trendy for a longer period. This is how you will be going to design the best resin products.

2. Different Area

Another crucial factor that can have negative and positive impacts on your resin business is the location. Assess if the area you select to market and sell your resin items is appropriate in terms of getting customers or not. Evaluate the public demand for resin items in a certain area and then display them for selling.

3. Low Competition

It is always suggested to choose the items which there’s low competition in terms of service providers. The fewer the service providers the greater the chances to gain sales.

4. Special Season or Holiday

A special event, a holiday or an occasion can do wonders for your business. You can craft and sell your resin products in accordance with special occasions and carnivals like Christmas and more.

5. Light Weight or Cheap Shipping

Creating resin items and delivering them to the final destination without getting them damaged and costing too much is another challenge. Thus, make sure to produce resin items that are light weighted and easy to ship to various locations.

6. Time-consuming

Don’t choose resin items that you have to spend enough of your time to produce but couldn't earn more. Rather, select ones that are simple and quick to craft but can make you a fair profit.

How to Price Your Resin Items?

Similar to any other piece of artwork, when pricing your resin craft, you must calculate your production costs along with an hourly labor wage. Know that, quality resin and epoxy material can be expensive, so count the cost of the material accordingly. You also need to consider how much profit you want to earn from every resin item after deducting the cost. It is wise to evaluate the market prices of the resin products so that you can decide your profit appropriately. Then, it's time to decide whether to pay shipping cost and tax yourself or let the customer handle it. So the pricing formula would be:

Cost of Supplies + Labor + Shipping Cost + Tax + Profit = Craft Price

When and Where to Sell Your Crafts?

Are you wondering when is the perfect time to sell your resin products? Well, there’s no limit to time! You can design and sell resin items all year long, on special events, holidays, occasions, and festivals. Resin items are something that never goes obsolete.

Choices are vast when it comes to displaying, advertising and selling your resin crafts. However, there are a few places where you can find more and more customers including:

1. Ecommerce platform

You may set up your own shop online which allows you to control and manage the selling processes.

2. Social media

People use social media on a greater scale and globally. It is promising for resin product makers. You can make your pages on the most popular social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, and more.

3. Craft fair

You may also find local events that fit your niche to sell your products more effectively.

4. Local craft stores

You may also find a few local craft shops or retail outlets that purchase wholesale from local resin producers.

5. Local art alliance

Try to find a local art alliance in your city that supports artists or small art business, such as Acworth Art Alliance in Acworth, Georgia, which is a nonprofit formed to support the arts through education and exhibits. You might need to pay for membership to get their help and sell. But we have customers said they found some of their local art alliances super beneficial and profitable.

    How to Make Your Resin Creations Stand Out?

    Are you already ready to start a resin craft business? Below mentioned are a few tips that can help you stand out of the resin craft market and generate sound profits.

    1. Specific Niche

    You can create any resin item you want. However, to run your business successfully in long term, it is essential to choose the right niche that is always in huge demand like jewelry and more.

    2. Invest in The Right Material

    Never compromise on the quality of products and materials. Try to get the best quality resin, molds, equipment, tools and more but at a reasonable price.

    3. Add Emotional Factors

    Enhancing emotional connection could be the best marketing strategy of all. Make your customers stay connected to your brand and attract new potential customers using emotional factors. You may choose to persuade words having an emotional impact like a reward, exclusive, offer, and more.

    4. Good Marketing

    Marketing can make or break your business especially when the competition is high. Make sure to use effective and result-driven marketing techniques like ads, social media, sponsored listing and more.

    5. Attractive Pictures

    Graphics and visuals always appeal to the audience. Make sure to use highly engaging, appealing and captivating graphics when branding your business to grab more consumers.

    Ready to Make Resin Crafts to Sell and Start Your Business?

    With a few useful tips and tricks, you can turn your resin craft idea into a profitable business. Use this article as a guide to kick start your resin craft business seamlessly. If you find this post helpful, feel free to share it or leave a comment below to let us know.

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