Resin Lamp Carousel Style - Step by Step Tutorial

If you are DIY person and like gifting personalized items to your loved ones, then resin craft is for you. They are not only enjoyable and playful to create but are also inexpensive and thoughtful. Even novice DIYers can pull off amazing resin accessories and items including resin lamp, jewelry, jars, containers, planters, coasters, trays and much more. Among the many, a well-crafted resin lamp is some gift your family and friends will extremely love.

Make an Epoxy Carousel Light

In this post, we will cover a step-by-step guide to craft a carousel resin lamp from scratch without any hassle.

1. Supplies You Will Need to Craft a Resin Lamp Using Epoxy

1.1 Required Materials:

  • Epoxy resin
  • Color pigments
  • Mica powder
  • Plastic cups
  • UV resin
  • Glitter and sequins
  • Traceless tape
  • Trojan horse frames
  • Bow decorations
  • Iron wires
  • Claw nails
  • T-shaped nails
  • Stars and moon decorations
  • Pearl decorations/bead chain

1.2 Required Tools:

  • Molds
  • Electric drill
  • Mask
  • Gloves
  • UV lamp
  • Stirring sticks
  • Metal chain
  • Plier

2. Step-by-Step Tutorial of Resin Lamp

2.1 Stir the epoxy resin and pour in molds

    Fill two cups with epoxy resin in dark blue color. Later, add mica powder in them and stir the epoxy resin evenly accordingly to the proportion. Once the proportion is properly mixed and even, pour it into the three molds for the upper, center and base portion of the carousel.

    2.1-pour the blue epoxy resin

    2.2 Paste the sticker on the resin lamp base

      Once the epoxy resin is dried which you poured on the molds, paste the sticker on the base of the carousel. Then find a center position to stick the pillar in the middle. After that, you can use UV resin to properly stick the pillar. Once the pillar is fixed, seal the base more using epoxy resin.

      Pour the epoxy resin with glitter and sequins into the pillar so that it looks like starry style.

      paste the stickerfix the pillar with epoxyfill the pillar with epoxy resin

      2.3 Release molds and decorate the horse frames

      In this step, you can release all three molds once they are dried. Now it is time to decorate the metal horse frame. Firstly fix the frame of the horse on traceless tape. Secondly, fill the horse with transparent UV resin first and cure it. Then mix some mica powder into the UV resin and use it to color the resin horse. After all this, make sure that you add another thin layer of transparent UV resin to the horse. Because this extra layer will help the horses become more shiny and plump. Repeat the same procedure with all three horses.

      fill the horse frames with UV resincolor the resin horses with colorful uv resinresin horse decorations done

      2.4 Drill holes and decorate the parts

      This step will require you to drill holes. Using an electric driller, drill six holes with equal distance on the facade and the base part. Additionally, to decorate the resin lamp, include pearls around the top cover, middle and bottom part for decoration with the help of UV resin. In this part, you can use your own creativity to adorn the facade though. We used bow knots and heart shape decorations.

      drill holesdecorate the basedecorate the upper partdecorate the pearlsuse uv lamp to fix the pearls

      2.5 Drill out the furrow

      Use a thick drill to drill out the furrow on the bottom cover to leave a good place for the wire later.

      drill out the furrow

      2.6 Screw claw nails and add colored beads chain

      Now screw the claw nails on the top cover part and thread it into the bead chain. Use at least 9 stitches to pierce the colored beads which can then be added as a link between the Trojan horses and the facade.

      screw claw nailsadd colored beads chainthread the bead chain

      2.7 Fix the metal chain and embellish

      Screw T-shaped nails in the base portion to fix the metal chain for decorating it using UV resin while the facade of the carousel is decorated with pearls and Trojan horses.

      fix the metal chainuse uv resin to fix the metal chain

      2.8 Add in more charms to beautify the resin lamp

      To further decorate the bottom portion of the carousel, hang stars and moon charms on the metal chain using the UV resign.

      add in more charms

      2.9 Add UV resin to fix the facade and pillar together

      Finally we are almost coming towards finishing the beautiful resin lamp. Again, drip some UV resin in the center portion of the facade and the middle part of the pillar. Then fix both of them together using a small stick so that they stay put. Seal further using UV resin, and brighten them with the help of ultraviolet light.

      insert a small stickcure uv resin

      2.10 Finish the base of the resin lamp

      Lastly, fix the lamp piece on the center part of the bottom cover using UV resin. Again coat UV resin around the bottom cover, including the finished base underneath, and cure it with the UV lamp.

      place the lamp accessoryuse uv resin to fix the lamp partprepare uv resincure uv resin to assemble the parts

      Voila! The delicate carousel resin lamp is all set to amaze your peers!

      Epoxy Carousel Light displayEpoxy Carousel Light display at night

      Will you try making one for your loved one? With these steps in mind, the procedure to make a resin lamp will become stress-free. Feel free to share your comments or any questions below. Thanks for reading!

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