How to Create Water Drop Effect in Resin

Hey resin lovers, what's poppin'?! It's IntoResin here to spill some tea on the latest and greatest resin trend - the water drop effect! We know you've been itching to try it out, so we're gonna show you how to achieve this droplet goodness step by step. We will also compare the reactions of three different pigments in this technique. Let's get this resin party started!

Materials Needed

Choose Proper Resin

First things first, choose our resin to create dots or drops in a mold. You can either use epoxy resin or UV resin. Epoxy resin tends to spread out, so make sure to put the dots far apart from each other to avoid any melting together. Epoxy resin will also need more time to cure. UV resin however, enables better control over the drops and can cure faster with UV lamp. Keep that in mind before you decide to choose the resin. For this project we're going to use epoxy.

Let's use a simple round coaster mold. We are going to paint three different pigments to show you the difference: normal chameleon powder, optical chameleon pigment, and mica powder. Chameleon pigment is amazing because it shifts colors depending on how the piece is moved. Mica powder is a regular powder that can provide a pearlescent finish.


How to Create Water Drop Effect in Resin

OK, here's the step by step tutorial.

  • 1. Mix some clear resin and use a tool to apply many drops on the mold. You can try dropping the resin from a height, which is more like water dripping naturally and it gives you better effect. You can make the drops as big or as small as you like, or even different shapes.

  • 2. Wait for the drops to cure for a few hours or a day.

  • 3. Paint pigments on the drops and the mold. Make sure you don't miss any corners.

  • 4. Pour pure black resin into the mold and let it hardens over night.

  • 5. Demold it and top coat the finished coasters to help the water drop look more 3D.

Comparison Results

Here're the results of how three pigments react. Optical chameleon pigment best fits this effect. The shimmering and shifting colors make the waterdrops look more three-dimensional. Normal chameleon powder is beautiful too. But mica powder works not so well. The color is dull and the droplets are flat.

OK, we will use only optical chameleon powder to make another coaster so you can see the full effect. Same process as above, and there you have it! A beautiful, playful resin coaster that are sure to brighten up any room. The chameleon color shift powder adds a really cool effect that changes colors depending on the lighting, making it a fun gift for anyone. 


This is a super easy technique with beautiful illusion effect. Hope you enjoy this tutorial, and as always, please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Thanks for tuning in, and happy crafting!

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The coasters look really amazing. Then you for sharing! I plan to try this ASAP!

Melissa Stiles

I have a question . The mica is sticking to the mold great, but it’s just brushing off of my cured resin drops. Will this still work? Or am I doing something wrong ?


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