What is Ocean Resin Table - The Ultimate Intro

Searching for something that can give a kick to your home décor? Need something colorful that could add more elegance to the place? If yes, then here is the perfect thing you can go for- A Ocean Resin Table.

Yes, adding a resin table with the perfect blend of the beach waves and sand can bring a huge difference to your place. Not only will this freshen up the entire place but also add that feeling of waves striking the shore. This table is made to feature waves that crash onto shore and leave their beautiful marks. This is certain to leave an impact on everyone who gets a chance to look at it.

what is resin ocean table

What is A Ocean Resin Table?

Referred to as a subset of resin tables, ocean resin table models are known for their eye-catching and diverse models. Artists design them to look like the beach, shore and ocean waves. When it comes to their types, they differ in terms of the material. The material are responsible to create a specific structure, which is similar to a mountain and a rock.

The Source of the Ocean Resin Table

These unique resin tables are made in randem where the experienced craftsmen, artists and graphic designers use their skills to make colorful masterpieces. The design features a live edge wooden or plastic slab that is given a natural look by blending art and nature together. The best part of these ocean resin tables is that they can be made in any shape, size and design. From a rectangular dining table to a round side table, the options are countless. You have the freedom to either go for a DIY manufacturing project or hire a professional manufacturer who have some ready-to-delivery products based on your requirements.

Customizable Ocean Resin Table

You can also customize these ocean resin tables. You can give your own measurements, designs and the type of material to be used. After these basic details, one of the important steps for the manufacturer is to create resin cells. They are responsible to give that beachy and wavy look. The actual task is to capture the foam along with the glistening quality and depth of the beach and present it appropriately on the tabletop. Whether you are looking for desks or coffee tables, getting the perfect waves with the depth is the real success.

Glass Finish of the Ocean Resin Table

After giving the desired look to the ocean resin table, the manufacturers proceed to the final stage where they apply a natural hardwax oil to secure the design along with making the top flaunt its glossy waves and durability. The live edges will also be getting a glass natural finish to complete the overall appearance of the table.

The Best Part - Options are Countless

As mentioned earlier, ocean resin tables are capable of adapting themselves to any shape, design and pattern. They can accommodate ocean and sea as per customers’ requirements.

different ocean tables

  • Colors

So, if you are looking for an ocean table, always be certain about the colors and method of pouring resin. Because both elements differ from one shape to the other. Normally, ocean resin tables have many colors, including cyan, dark blue, green, light blue. And every single option that can help the manufacturer to achieve that ocean look.

  • Material

Some of the resin ocean tables are made of wood, like olive tree wood. It's famous for its irregular wood texture as it looks more like rocks on the shore. Some of the tables are made of plastic that is easy to use and clean. 

  • Shapes

When comes to the shapes, these tables have numerous shapes like rectangles, circles, and even irregular shapes.

To get the perfect resin table, the key is to always be sure about every single element. It’s your responsibility to inform the manufacturer about these details. So nothing could go wrong while their manufacturing. Here, the worth mentioning fact is that these tables take some time to manufacture. You have to search for someone who have proven skills and experience in this field. In this case, they can handle any problem arising during the process. Just remember one rule - the table should be durable, strong and sturdy.

Decide Between a DIY Project or Hiring a Professional Manufacturer

Once you have decided to lighten up your space with an ocean table, the next stage is to decide about whether you want to make a table on your own. I.E. a DIY project or search for a ready-to-install piece from an experienced manufacturer. If you are confused between the two options, then here are some key aspects of both methods. They will definitely help you to land on a decision.

  • DIY Project

When you decide to make a ocean resin table on your own, rest assure you will design the perfect table based on your imagination. You can enjoy the freedom to define its shape, color combinations and most importantly, dimensions according to the available of space.

However, the pitfall of this DIY approach is the amount of time that is quite irritating as you will have to give some time to each material to hold its place. Also, the cost will be way higher than what you have thought because you will have to buy every single thing and make each piece from scratch, which also needs tools and numerous supplies.

  • Ready-to-Install Ocean Resin Table

When it comes to finding the right readymade resin ocean table, the first and foremost thing for you is to know your budget and the area where you want to place it. With these two elements, it will be quite easier to narrow down the options. The next important thing is to search for an experienced manufacturer who produces high quality products and give the guarantee to bring the desired feel and appearance to the place. If possible, you can also visit some local shops and see what shapes and patterns are in trend and whether you can easily get your required size or have to make some changes in it.

Here, the thing you shouldn’t overlook is that you might find it difficult to get the perfect ocean table. Chances are high that you might have to compromise on one of the aspects i.e. finish, size, pattern etc.

Ocean Resin Table or Natural Wood Table - Which is the Best?

Resin Wood Table/ Ocean Resin Table

resin ocean table

The trend of resin furniture has been on the rise since a couple of years now. Its beauty and realistic touch is making the buyers confused between a modern resin wood top and a classic wood slab. However, you have to choose either of them- which will depend upon the pros and cons of both table types:

Resin tables pride themselves for having alluring charm and lustrous shine that you will not find in any other type of table. But, do you know there are other elements that make them preferable and perfect to meet aesthetic and functional requirements? If no, then here are some of them:


  • Strong and Sturdy

The best thing about ocean resin tables is that they are made up of a high simulation and pattern that highlight natural wood’s texture. Since the resin is corrosion as well as UV light resistant, it will have long life without asking for regular maintenance. Even, these tables are water as well as scratch proof.

  • Variety of Color and Designs

Resin tables pride themselves for being available in numerous designs and colors. Their glossy finish and natural appearance of say, oak, maple, cherry or teak wood are what make their look beyond imagination. The other side of the table will have palpable feel of marble/granite or the vibrant color combinations and contemporary look of polypropylene.

  • Easy to Maintain

Ocean resin tables are the easiest when it comes to their maintenance. The material doesn’t require expensive varnish or special cleaning supplies. Some soapy water and a piece of soft cloth can do the desired job.

  • Light in Weight

Unlike traditional wooden tables, ocean resin tables are lighter in weight. They weight varies with respect to their size. However, be certain that even a bigger table doesn’t feel heavy, which makes its transportation and placement easy with less labor.


  • Lack of Feel and Appeal as the Natural Wood

Even though ocean tables can replicate the design and pattern of different woods, they are still unable to meet the feel and appearance of natural wood. It doesn’t need much efforts to show off its beauty.

  • Doesn’t Look Good for Evert Connoisseur

It’s true that manufacturers try their level best of mimic the appearance of natural wood but, they haven’t managed to achieve it yet. So, if you are someone who is quite particular about the design, look and feel of the item, it’s better to go for any other option than a resin table.

table comparison

Natural Wood Tables

natural wood table

These tables are famous for bringing the huge difference in the overall appearance of a room without making much efforts. Since their features and textures are only enhanced by some treatment, you can enjoy its near-to-nature feel that will refresh the entire environment. Other than that, natural wood tables are famous for the following:


  • Durability

Wooden tables are extremely durable and strong. If treated well, they can last a lifetime. Every piece is handcrafted or treated with lots of inspection and care and attention.

  • High Quality

These natural wood tables are referred to as the premium product because of the lengthy process they take to attain the final appearance. From cutting sanding, adding a protection wax coating, oil to the craftsmanship, every step takes time and therefore, gives off the best quality the tables.

  • Rare Colors and Unique Textures

You will even find two tables from the same tree’s wood having different color, patterns and design. This is wood’s one-of-a-kind feature that promises to give some unique or rare colors in the final products.


  • Expensive

These types of tables are quite expensive as compared to ocean tables. Their prices vary according to the wood and the size required.

  • Demand for Maintenance

Natural wood tables take a lot of time in maintenance. If they get wet, they might end up causing damage or experiencing a huge decrease in the table’s durability.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have got enough details regarding the ocean table, it’s time to get one for your home. The list of features, you have, will help to narrow down the options, thereby letting you to land on the perfect piece sooner than expected.

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