How to Dry Flowers for Resin in 5 Minutes

Flowers make a great part of resin crafting. Resin flower preservation is one of the fascinating procedures in resin art. However, you’d better use dry flowers instead of fresh flowers. If you use fresh flowers directly in resin, since they are organic you might end up with rotten and faded flowers.

Thinking about buying dried flowers? They are expensive and only have limited varieties. Drying flowers yourself is way more fun and better to do. Traditional pressing or hanging dry usually takes days and weeks. Let’s explore some really quick methods.

What do you need to dry flowers?

Before drying flowers, you may need different things depending on the different methods. Here are some basic things you need to dry flowers:

  • Flowers of any kind, just make sure they are fresh and free from bruises.
  • Scissors to remove extra foliage from the stems
  • Parchment papers
  • Paper towels
  • Microwave/Oven
  • Microwave and oven-safe containers
  • Silica beads
  • Iron

4 easy ways to dry flowers in minutes

There are several methods to dry flowers, including traditional and modern techniques. In this post, we will talk about four easy quick ways to dry flowers in the minimum time.

1. Press flower with microwave

Pressing flowers with a microwave is one of the easiest and quickest ways to dry flowers for resin projects.

How to do it

To dry flowers with microwave, you need a microwave oven, two ceramic microwave-safe plates, two paper towels and the flowers you want to dry. Put one plate face-side up, and then put a paper towel, put the flowers, then the other paper towel and then the second plate face-side up. Put these plates in the microwave and start on high for 30 seconds, and then take them out. Check the flowers and if they are still damp, repeat the procedure with new paper towels until the flowers come out completely dry.

Please make sure you start from a short time such as 30 seconds since different flowers request different times to dry. You need to try several times so you can know what’s best for the different kinds of flowers you have.

dry flowers in microwave


  • It is the easiest quick way to dry flowers.
  • It does not require fancy/expensive materials.


  • Flowers will be pressed to be flat.
  • Different flowers dry at different times, so you may need to dry flowers separately.
  • There are chances of burning the flowers, so you must be careful.

2. Microwave flowers with silica beads

Drying flowers in the microwave with silica beads is another easy and cost-effective method for resin projects. Silica beads can absorb water and hence are used for drying flowers.  

How to do it

To dry flowers in the microwave with silica beads, you need a microwave oven, a microwave-safe container, silica beads and flowers you want to dry. Create a layer of silica beads in the container and place the flowers on this layer. Cover the flowers with another layer of silica beads and put the container in the microwave. Set the timer and turn it on high for 1-5 minutes and check it from time to time. Take out the container when the flowers are completely dry. Take the flowers out of beads and clean them with a fine brush.

dry flowers with silica gel in microwave
dry flowers with silica gel in microwave part 2


  • It keeps the original three-dimensional shapes of the flowers.
  • It preserves the natural color and beauty of the flowers to the greatest extent possible.


  • The silica beads can get very hot, so you need to be careful while working with them.

3. Press flower with a dry iron

Another quick and easy method for drying flowers is to press flowers with a dry iron. You can use your simple household iron for this method.

How to do it

Take two pieces of parchment paper or any other absorbent paper. Place the flowers between two layers of parchment paper and iron the flowers for 15-30 seconds on low heat.

dry flower with iron


  • Easy to operate.
  • Does not require fancy/expensive materials.


  • The natural color of flowers cannot be preserved as you get uneven colors from the iron press.
  • The flowers become flat and wrinkled.

4. Dry flower in the oven

Another method to dry flowers for resin is using a conventional oven.

Simple, right? Here is how you can do it.  

How to do it

Cut the foliage and extra leaves of the flowers you want to dry. Put the flowers on the baking rack. Heat the oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and bake the flowers for two hours. Check the flowers time to time and if they have not dried properly, let them bake for longer time. Take the flowers out of the oven and let them cool before using them in the resin project. 

dry flower with oven

  • Minimal materials are required.


  • The flowers may lose their natural color when dried in the oven.

How to Preserve Flower in Resin

Whether it is the rose from your first date or your wedding bouquet, preserving them in resin is an amazing way to turn them into a keepsake. Resin flower preservation involves these simple steps:

  1. Mix the resin – The resin usually comes in two parts (resin and hardener) and is mixed in 1:1.
  2. Clean the resin mold properly and pour the resin into the mold.
  3. Let the first layer of resin cure (harden) for 12-24 hours (depending on the thickness of the layer).
  4. Dip the flowers in the resin and make sure that the flowers are coated with resin completely. (It helps reduce the air bubbles in later steps of the procedure.)
  5. When the first layer has dried properly, place the dried flowers in the desired arrangement.
  6. Now pour the second layer of resin and fill the mold completely with resin.
  7. Remove any air bubbles with a toothpick.
  8. Let the resin sit and cure properly for at least 48-72 hours.
  9. Unmold the resin and enjoy the final product.

To learn more about resin flower preservation, go head reading this post.


Resin is an excellent medium for preserving flowers that hold a special place in your heart. You need to dry flowers first to preserve them in resin. These dried flowers can be used to create resin jewelry, resin coasters, and resin trays. They not only enhance the beauty of the resin products but also safeguard the sentimental value of the flowers. Roll up your sleeves and have a try!

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