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12-color Dreamy Candy Glitter for Resin

12-color Dreamy Candy Glitter for Resin

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  • 12pcs a set, each bottle weighs 11g
  • Dreamy Candy Glitter for Resin This is a unique fine glitter that creates the effect of an Aurora Chameleon for your resin pieces. The product is produced based on an innovative formula with ultra-fine mini glitter and an attractive shine, creating an effect that makes your resin pieces stand out from the crowd.
  • Ultra-high Quality Diamond Glitter: It's non-toxic, more durable, and environmentally friendly, which enables you to use it more with ease.
  • Wide Usage for All Kinds of Resin Projects: The 12 colors of candy color glitter is as dreamy as summer and can be applied to epoxy resin projects and UV resin projects, such as resin jewelry, resin coasters, resin keychains, resin storage boxes, resin decorations, etc. It is a versatile DIY pigment for decorating your artwork.
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