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5 Colors Night Sky Gradient Glitter

5 Colors Night Sky Gradient Glitter

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The Night Sky Fantasy Gradient Glitter for epoxy resin is a product that offers a stunning and magical aesthetic reminiscent of a starry night sky and the enchanting aurora borealis.

🔥Color Variety: Night Sky Fantasy Gradient Glitter comprises five distinct colors that mimic the mesmerizing beauty of the night sky and the ethereal charm of the aurora borealis.

😍Two Sizes Available: This glitter product is available in two convenient sizes. The small size comes in a 12g bottle, perfect for smaller craft projects, while the large size offers a generous 25g of glitter for larger or more extensive resin art pieces.

💗Starry Night Sky Inspiration: The colors in this gradient glitter set draw inspiration from the serene and captivating ambiance of a starry night sky. These hues are carefully chosen to replicate the various shades and tones you might see when gazing at the night heavens.

😃Aurora Borealis Elegance: In addition to the starry night sky, the colors also capture the romantic and enchanting aura of the aurora borealis, which is known for its shimmering and ever-changing display of vibrant colors. This glitter set aims to bring this captivating phenomenon to your epoxy resin crafts.

🌟Dreamy Night Sky Scenes: When mixed into epoxy resin and gently stirred, the Night Sky Fantasy Gradient Glitter transforms your craft into a dreamy and celestial masterpiece. It creates a mesmerizing night sky scene that adds a touch of magic and wonder to your art projects, making it an invaluable tool for resin craft enthusiasts.

Incorporate these five captivating colors into your epoxy resin creations to infuse them with the enchantment of the night sky and the allure of the aurora borealis, turning your crafts into a realm of dreams and fantasy.
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Jo Halsey

Absolutely love the sparkle that these glitters give my coasters......the photos just don't do it justice

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