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5pcs Kitten Shape Keychain Jewelry Accessory Resin Mold

5pcs Kitten Shape Keychain Jewelry Accessory Resin Mold

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Package 5pcs Kitten Shape Keychain Jewelry Accessory Resin Mold
Material Silicone
Size 4.72 x 3.94 x 2.36 inches
Weight 50g



🌟DIY Creative Resin Craft: The kitten key chain silicone molds provide interesting DIY creative time, which allows you to enjoy unique resin handicrafts. It is easy to make a resin craft, just paint the designed bone pattern first, then pour melted resin, or you can add beads, sequins, glitter, colors, and dried flowers in it.
🌹Material: These cat silicone molds are made of high-quality silicone, reusable, easy to clean, soft, and not easy to damage, and have a long service life. Moreover, it is resistant to high temperature, tear, and deformation.
💗Novel Design: There is a hole in the design of the cat. You can directly fix the resin parts with rings, key chains, earring hooks, etc. There is no need to drill holes to make key chains and pendants.
Easy to Release: The finished resin kitten crafts can be easily released from the silicone mold. You only need to twist the silicone mold and release your creation from the mold after the resin is fully cured.
🔥Ideal Gift: These cat molds are mainly applied for making resin key chains, resin jewelry, resin earrings, resin necklaces, resin pendants, etc. It is a great gift to handicraft lovers, or you can share it with your friends and family with silicone molds, and enjoy the fun of handmade together.
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"The molds create beautiful, crisp edges and a super reflective, smooth surface that reminds me of glass or crystals." Said Cyna, the founder of countryhillcottage.

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