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Crystal Bottle Silicone Mold Wish Wooden Stoppers Creative Bottle Mold

Crystal Bottle Silicone Mold Wish Wooden Stoppers Creative Bottle Mold

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This is a combination of bottle silicone mold and LED night light. Use dried flowers or sequins, gravel and other materials, add them to the mold, pour the appropriate epoxy resin, and after demoulding, you can put the cork on to form a bottle-shaped resin craft. Can be used as home furnishings, or put the bottom of the LED night light socket, in our bedroom as a lamp!

Material: Silicone Molds
Package Includes:
1pc bottle mold + 10 corks
Due to the rules of transport of goods, we do not provide lamp holders, need lamp holders can go to the local hardware store to buy or other large shopping platform
Creative DIY Project: These silicone resin molds are compatible with most casting materials such as epoxy resin, UV resin. You can fill them up with epoxy resin, add some glitters, mica powder, liquid resin dye or dry flowers, etc. to create a personalized resin craft.


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