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Handmade Water Ripple Jewelry Accessory Mold

Handmade Water Ripple Jewelry Accessory Mold

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Tips: What's the trick to get the maximum water effect from this handmade mold?
Pour clear resin into the mold first and wait until cured. Then brush light-color opaque pigment powder on the cured resin. After that, pour a thin layer of clear resin to seal it. Demold after cured and you will get the maximum water effect.

Note: The water effect will change based on the light intensity. If you put it under sunlight or strong light, you can see a more obvious water effect.

As each mold is handcrafted, it typically takes 20-30 days to produce. Due to the recent surge in demand, we are working diligently to fulfill all orders. Consequently, there may be a delay in delivery. We kindly ask for your understanding and patience during this time. Thank you!


Package 1 pc Handmade Water Ripple Jewelry Accessory Mold
Material Silicone




Weight 50g


  • Design: The mold is designed with intricate patterns that resemble the gentle waves and ripples seen on water surfaces. This design adds a unique texture and visual interest to the final jewelry piece.

  • Usage: To create jewelry, resin or similar materials are poured into the mold and left to cure. Once cured, the mold is removed, leaving behind a piece of jewelry that captures the detailed water ripple pattern.

  • Customization: Some molds may offer customization options, allowing artisans to create variations in the ripple pattern or adjust the size and shape according to their creative vision.

  • Durability: Good quality molds are durable and can be reused multiple times without losing their shape or detail, making them a reliable tool for jewelry makers.

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