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IntoResin 17 Colors Light Change Powder Chameleon Glitter for Resin

IntoResin 17 Colors Light Change Powder Chameleon Glitter for Resin

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17 Colors Light Change Powder Chameleon Glitter will change color when exposed to sunlight/light, the stronger the UV light, the more obvious the color change effect. Using the LED light on the nail will change color instantly.


  • A:17colors a set, 5g per bottle
  • B:17colors a set, 10g per bottle
  • 17 colors of light-changing chameleon glitter: 17 different colors, the glitter will change color when it meets UV rays or light, a wonderfully unique, INTORESIN new design. When it meets light, it changes color like magic, such as white to purple, green to pink, etc. Add to our resin, our crafts, are unique and wonderful.
  • Ultra-high Quality Diamond Glitter:  It's non-toxic, more durable, and environmentally friendly, which enables you to use it more with ease. 
  • Wide Usage for All Kinds of Resin Projects: Non-sink Diamond Glitter can be applied to epoxy resin projects and UV resin projects, such as resin jewelry, resin coasters, resin keychains, resin storage boxes, resin decorations, etc. It is a versatile DIY pigment for decorating your artwork.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    I’d hate to see the winter time delays…

    Still haven’t received it yet, so low marks.

    Donna Giard
    Color light change powder

    Just put it in a tumbler today so won’t Chevy tell tomorrow. Will do a follow up

    Love it

    The Chameleon Glitter is gorgeous. Love it

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