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IntoResin Cat's Eye Diamond Magnetic Chameleon Mica Powder for Resin

IntoResin Cat's Eye Diamond Magnetic Chameleon Mica Powder for Resin

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👀Some answers about Cat's Eye Diamond Chameleon Mica Powder👇

Q: What is the difference between a Cat's Eye Diamond Chameleon and a regular powder chameleon?
A: The color presented by cat's eye diamond chameleon will be more radiant, changing different colors under different light, easy to use in our molds or other aspects; compared with ordinary powder chameleon, cat's eye diamond chameleon has stronger coloring ability, higher color saturation, higher brightness and more vivid.

Q: How do I use Cat's Eye Diamond Chameleon?
A: This cat's eye chameleon diamond is easy to use, one can choose to add epoxy resin, after mixing to get the resin mixture with the cat's eye chameleon effect; the second is to apply the cat's eye chameleon in the mold, and then add the epoxy resin, and then get the artifacts with the effect of chameleon after demolding.
Please note: After our experiments, we suggest to choose the first way, mixing cat eye chameleon diamond powder with epoxy resin. The effect of this way can best emphasize the effect of the Cat's Eye Chameleon Diamond Powder!!!

The cat's eye diamond powder magnet will not show its original effect if just added to the epoxy, it needs to be magnetized with a magnet to have a color change. Otherwise they are just plain old chameleon powder!

Note: the first color of cat eye chameleon powder is in the light discoloration degree is lighter: the second dark series of cat eye chameleon powder is in the light discoloration is more intense, so the price compared to the first one will be a little higher.


  • 0.2g per bottle, 6colors
  • IntoResin Cat's Eye Diamond Chameleon Mica Powder: The gorgeous chameleon color is as dreamy and mysterious as a cat's eye, so it's called Cat's Eye Diamond Chameleon Powder. Just add into our resin as, greatly improves our craft grade, changing different colors under the light.
  • Wide Usage for All Kinds of Resin Projects: IntoResin Cat's Eye Diamond Chameleon Mica Powder is perfect for Epoxy Resin Crafts DIY, Painting, Candle Making, Bath Bombs, Soap Colorant, and Slime. Chameleon mica powder for epoxy resin is also good for the face, body, nails, hair, festivals, raves, and crafts.
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Jen Hanley
The colors are very vibrant!

Very pleased with every color. The shipping was very quick and they are packaged well. Thank you!