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IntoResin Handmade Crystal Flower Brooch Resin Mold (Original Design)

IntoResin Handmade Crystal Flower Brooch Resin Mold (Original Design)

21 total reviews

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This mold is handcrafted by IntoResin artists, the creation of each mold requires between 10 to 20 days. Recently, we are experiencing a higher volume of orders than usual. There could be some delays in delivery times. We deeply appreciate your understanding and patience as we work hard to fulfill your orders. 

Also, we kindly urge our customers to recognize and support original designs by purchasing directly from IntoResin. This not only ensures you receive the high-quality products you expect from us but also supports the integrity of the design community.

We extend a reminder of the importance of originality and the value of respecting intellectual property rights. Our designs are protected under copyright law, and we are dedicated to defending these rights to encourage a fair and creative environment for all.


Package 1 pc IntoResin Handmade Crystal Flower Brooch Resin Mold
Material Silicone
Size 5*5cm
Weight 50g


Unique Design: Our Crystal Flower Resin Mold stands out with its original and unique design, providing a one-of-a-kind crafting experience. Its unmatched pattern ensures that your creations are distinctive and eye-catching, setting them apart from standard offerings in the market. 
Exceptional Aesthetic Appeal: The mold produces creations that sparkle and are as clear as glass. This enhances the visual appeal of your work, making it more attractive to potential buyers or simply more satisfying for personal collection.
Highly Praised by Influencers: The mold has received widespread acclaim from YouTubers and crafting enthusiasts, confirming its quality and appeal. This endorsement provides potential buyers with confidence in the product's performance and value.
✅Original Design: This crystal flower mold is handmade by IntoResin artists and the design is protected under copyright law.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Marcella Paterson
Very well made

But I haven’t received all my orders yet ! Would like a update

Anne Marie Macleod
Cystal flowers

It is amazing! Love the sparkle and the shine!!

Beautiful mould

The quality of this mould is superb. I get crystal clear castings every time. So pretty.

Robbin Ahles

Very beautiful flower

Noreen Nimmo

Havent made it yet but seen it on utube and it looks fabulous

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