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IntoResin Handmade Silicone Rose Box Resin Mold(spend ONE KILO silicone mold making)

IntoResin Handmade Silicone Rose Box Resin Mold(spend ONE KILO silicone mold making)

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🧐🤔Customer: Why is this mold so expensive?

❗🗣️IntoRein: This handmade rose box mold costs ONE KILOGRAM  of liquid silicone to make.


1. This is our INTORESIN pre-sale handmade molds, limited to 10 pieces per batch, made to order.

2. handmade molds may have some handmade marks or minor defects, please make sure you can accept them before you buy, custom products do not support returns unless it is a quality issue

3. This is a handmade mold so the production process cycle will be much slower than ordinary machine molds, the general production cycle of handmade molds requires a waiting time of 20-30 days, please confirm this cargo time before purchase. If you authorize the purchase, please wait patiently after placing the order, INTORESIN will ship you the first time after the production is completed

4. Warning: This IntoResin Handmade Silicone Rose Box Resin Mold is INTORESIN private cooperation mold. INTORESIN does not support the secondary creation of this mold, nor does it endorse the use of this mold for illegal profit making.


Package 1SET IntoResin Handmade Silicone Rose Box Resin Mold
Material Silicone
Size 10cm*10cm*4cm
Weight 1080kg



🌟Perfect  Mold for Resin:These resin silicone molds are made of durable silicone by advanced techniques. With the flexible, smooth, and reusable epoxy molds, soft and light, you can use, de-mold, and clean them easily. 
✌️Easy Demoulding:When the mold is completely cured, it can be easily demoulded , and the thickened mold can be reused and not easy to be damaged.
👍Endless uses:Handmade embossed rose jewelry storage box mold, made of intoresin handmade silicone design, can store our jewelry, jewelry, or gifts for friends and family.
🥳Exquisite gift:The box carefully made for your family or friends will be of great significance because it is unique and full of your heart. It will be a valuable gift.
✅Worry free after sale:If you have any problems with your purchase, please feel free to contact masarly service team and we will solve your problems asap.

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