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IntoResin Laser Powder Gold Silver Solid Holographic Laser Powder for Resin

IntoResin Laser Powder Gold Silver Solid Holographic Laser Powder for Resin

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  • IntoResin Laser Powder, 1g per bottle, silver&gold color
  • Gold Silver Solid Holographic Laser Powder: INTORESIN's new radium solid powder is now available in silver and gold. Radium Holographic Powder shows different gradations of color in a different light. It is dazzling and mysterious, while the solid powder, which can be applied in an applicator way, can be used in smaller amounts.
  • Widely Used in Various Resin Projects: Radiant Solid Powder is perfect for epoxy crafts DIY, painting, candle making, bath balls, soap colorants, and slime. Radium powder for epoxy resin is also great for the face, body, nails, hair, festival, carnival, and crafts.
  • The effect of radiant powder is presented in different colors of base:
  • Completely Child Safe and Non-toxic: Safe to skin. Made of high-quality polyester that’s safe for the skin, shiny dust brings more possibilities of irresistible beauty. It shines all the time at any angle under natural light or lamplight. You can use them separately or mixed, your style will never be monotonous
  • Long Lasting Flashing Tumbler Glitter: Place our glitter on the smooth surface you want, keep it durable and shiny for a long time, and not easy to fall off. Easy mix into slime & epoxy perfectly. It is also can be mixed with paint or glue, adding extra luster and sparkle to your art projects.
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