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Mountain Ocean Wave Seawater Resin Mold

Mountain Ocean Wave Seawater Resin Mold

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Material: Silicone Molds


Mountain Mould
Ocean Mould



Package Includes:
Mountain mold + marine mold + bracket frame


Due to the shipping rules of the goods, the lamp holder needs to be purchased separately!

Creative DIY Project: These silicone resin molds are compatible with most casting materials such as epoxy resin, UV resin. You can fill them up with epoxy resin, add some glitters, mica powder, liquid resin dye or dry flowers, etc. to create a personalized resin craft.


How to use these molds:

Step 1: Use the small part mold to make a mountain.
Step 2: Put the finished mountain into the big part mold. Make sure the mountain is put near the flat surface instead of the rugged surface. The rugged surface is supposed to be the sea level after you finish the project.
Step 3: Pour the first layer of your resin into the big part mold to create the ocean part and let it cured.
Step 4: After the 1st layer is cured, add some small gadgets like divers, jellyfish or anything you have and then pour the second layer of resin. This 2nd layer can be a thin layer that just covers half the height of the gadgets. In this way, the gadgets can be cured together with resin but won't float to the surface of the resin.
Step 5: Pour the third layer of your resin to finish the project. Please note that the things to put into the resin are totally up to you. It has many possibilities.
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