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Pressed Flowers Resin Flowers for Resin Mold

Pressed Flowers Resin Flowers for Resin Mold

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Material: Pressed Flowers


Packaging Details: This package contains 15-18 pieces of real dried and pressed leaves, dried flowers are available in different styles, you will be impressed by these beautiful plants.
Natural and real: The colorful dried and pressed flowers come in different varieties, all made with real flowers in the right season, with natural style and elegant appearance, which are good supplies for all kinds of DIY craftwork.
DIY as you like: Just mix and match these different colors of natural resin dried flowers or just use them as a whole, you can DIY these dry-pressed flowers in your own way, and please share the fun with your friends or family to enhance your relationship.
Beautiful Packaging: All these various kinds of real pressed dried flowers are vacuum packed transparently to protect the resin flowers during the shipping process; please note that the shape and color of the flowers may be different from the picture as they are natural.
Different Uses: Natural resin pressed flowers can be widely used for nail art, resin molds, DIY jewelry designs, resin phone cases, note cards, stationery, wedding invitations, envelopes, stained glass, bookmarks, candle makers, soap making, tabletop decorations, scrapbooking, furniture, and woodwork.

1. After opening the flowers as soon as possible after use, moisture absorption will oxidation and discoloration of the flowers
2. Avoid direct sunlight, the flowers will fade when affected by UV rays
3. Because different drip glue has different formulas if you use dried flowers to create, please first experiment whether the color is lost. The best way is to use UV drips after baking dry, then use the drips to create, reduce fading
4. natural dried flowers, can not be uniform in size, the dyeing batch is not the same. Dried flowers are fragile, and are vacuum-packed.


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