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7 Shapes Resin Dice Molds with Numbers, Dice Games for Families

7 Shapes Resin Dice Molds with Numbers, Dice Games for Families

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Material: Silicone Molds

Mold 1: 2.5*1.5cm   Mold 2: 2.1*2.3cm   Mold 3: 2.5*3.5cm

Mold 4: 2*2.5cm   Mold 5: 3.5*4.2cm   Mold 6: 2.8*2cm   Mold 7: 2.5*2.5cm


Dice Storage Box:23.4*13.3cm


Item Weight:7 Shapes Resin Dice Molds:40g/ Dice Storage Box:125g
Package Include:
7Pc Dice Molds/1pc Dice Storage Box


[Wide Application]: A good choice for DIY handicrafts for Table Games, Board Games, Role-Playing Games Dices, it will be a special and meaningful gift for your family, children, friends
[Large Space]: Offer a large space for adding various embellishments or fillers, like crystal, stone, dry flowers, glitter, sequins, pearl pigment, mica powder, or other elements you like.
[Easy to De-mold]:
After your project is fully cured, it will be easy to pop out of the resin mold. You can use soapy water as a mold-release agent.

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