7 Shapes Resin Dice Molds with Numbers, Dice Games for Families
Creates Unique Custom Dice This resin dice molds set unleashes the artist in you! Now you can create one-of-a-kind dice with custom colors, patterns, or text. Create your own customized dream dice set or use this mold set to create a...
$19.99 $15.99
15 Colors Opaque Resin Pigment, Resin Color Paste Each 0.35oz
15 Colors Epoxy Resin Pigment: Total 15 vibrant solid colors opaque epoxy resin pigment with bottle package, non-toxic and odorless. A variety of colors can meet your needs for coloring resin arts. High Pigmented Epoxy Resin Dye: Those resin colorants...
Love Home Family Silicone Molds, Resin Molds for DIY Table Decoration Art Crafts - LOVE
Can you feel the love? Which word resonates with you? You can purchase one or select the option to purchase all three of these incredible word molds. Think of all of the decorative options these molds provide! You can add...
  • LOVE
  • HOME
  • 3PCS
Horoscope Constellation Large Round Tray Resin Mold
SPECIFICATION Diameter: 8.3 inches Constellation tray mold, with elder futhark rune, energy symbols wheel astrology Manufactured from durable silicone, these molds won’t easily destruct with continual use. Shiny mirror-smooth, soft flexible but tough and sturdy. Easy to demolding, clean and...
Resin Orgonite Pyramid Mold Set for Crafting Projects 6x6"
Paperweight clear resin silicone mold, easy to release, using resin, clay, soap etc. Medium size is proper size for epoxy resin beginner, not too large. So you may not easily fail for resin measurement. Fill the entire mold about 1200 grams...
Resin Storage Box Molds, 2PCs Box Molds for Resin Casting
Outstanding Form & Function=Creative Fun If you’ve been yearning to create something useful and practical, yet beautiful are artistic, this is an ideal choice. Using this mold you will be able to create a stunning, sturdy storage box that is...
6 Colors Metallic Alcohol Ink, Alcohol Dye for Epoxy 15ml each
EACH BOTTLE 15ml METALLIC ALCOHOL INK - Different from normal alcohol ink, our crafted metallic alcohol inks are shimmering, which can create vibrant and intense metallic highlights for all DIY craft projects! SPECIALLY DESIGNED - We have developed our range...
Crystal Sphere Star Ball Silicone Resin Mold
Features: Durable and reliable: this sphere silicone resin mold are made of quality silicone material which is flexible and sturdy to use for a long time. It will not easily break or deform. With smooth interiors, your resin projects will...
6 IN 1 Christmas Holiday Resin Molds
[DIY RESIN MOLDS COLLECTION FOR CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS] Silicone resin molds are perfect for making DIY handwork, a great choice to make DIY gifts for friends, showing your sincere heart.[PREMIUM MATERIAL] Resin silicone molds made of high-quality silicone by advanced techniques,...
Tarot Card Silicone Mold Tarot Card Pendant Resin Mold
Tarot cards have a long and important position in divination. Use it to fortune your future luck or what may happen in the future. This Tarot silicone mold allows you to make them by hand. It is full of hands-on...
$15.99 $11.99
Resin Vase Mold Decorative Vase 3D Vase Silicone Mold
  Our lives always need some furnishings to adjust our rhythm of life. This 3D silicone vase mold can be used to make vases, or the finished product can be used as furnishings in the bedroom or living room. The...
$25.99 $15.99
Resin Mickey Silicone Mold Disney Castle Quicksand Mold
  Silicone molds of the Mickey Castle category, Disney cartoon animation images that adults and children like, now there are silicone molds for Mickey Castle. Use it for manual DIY, and you can get an interesting Mickey Castle. SPECIFICATION Material:Silicone...
$20.99 $12.99
Resin Casting Snow Mountain Mold for Ashtray DIY Silicone Molds
The finished snow mountain is not only beautifully decorated in the room, but also an interesting DIY gift, home decoration, and design your own special pattern. Can be used as a birthday gift or graduation gift to family and friends...
$25.99 $15.99
INTORESIN™ Silicone Tray Resin Silicone Mold Two-hand Tray Resin Decoration
Silicone resin mold with both hands, lifelike finished product effect. You can add various materials according to the mold to make your favorite trays or decorations. SPECIFICATION Materials: Silicone Size: 157mm*150mm*70mm Quantity: 1 pc per High-quality silica gel, easy to...
$30.99 $19.99
INTORESIN™ Bulb Resin Silicone Mold
Description LED resin bulbs give you a comfortable lighting feeling, suitable for sleeping in the bedroom and reading before going to bed. SPECIFICATION Material: silicone Color: clear Package Includes:    1PCS Silicone Molds   A set Accessories (one Cap, one LED Chip)
$20.99 $12.99
Chess Resin Silicone Mold
  Chess is one of the games in our daily life. It can give you the feeling of playing against each other. This chess silicone mold allows you to make a complete set of chess, which can be added according...
Bezel Resin Craft, 10Pcs Blank Frame Charms for DIY Earrings Necklace Jewelry Making - Thodium
Assorted Geometric Hollow Trays Do whatever you want QUANTITY: 10Pcs in total  EASY TO USE: Just fill them up with resin, glitters, rhinestones, pearls, mini charms, mini cabochons, etc. You can use the pendant blanks to make various kinds of...
  • Thodium
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Antique Bronze
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INTORESIN™ 3PCs Hair Clip Resin Mold, 10PCs Golden Hair Clips Accessories for DIY Hair Clip
✿High-Quality Resin Molds: The resin hairpin molds are made of durable silicone by advanced techniques, flexible, reusable, and easy to use. The hair clip accessories are made of high-quality metal alloy. Smooth, not easy to be faded, bright, and elegant....
24 Colors Liquid Silicone Coloring Dye for Silicone Mold Making
Access a Rainbow of Brilliant Pigment For Arts & Crafts, 24 High-Quality Buildable silicone Dyes to Inspire the Artist in You. A shade of green that practically glows! We’ve got all of your basic colors and so much more. Our 24 vibrant...
$24.99 $20.99
Irregular Polished Crushed Glass, 100g Metallic Glass Chips for DIY Decoration - Gold
Irregular Metallic Chips –Featuring gold and silver color, each 100 grams. Each broken glass pieces for crafts were irregular shaped, enhance the art appeals. The stereo perception and dazzling shimmer would make a beautiful visual impression to your DIY craft....
  • Gold
  • Silver

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