Epoxy Resin Craft Ideas for Beginners to Try

I understand how frustrated you were when your resin ends up with a mess. Don't be worried! I've just prepared these DIY resin projects that are easy to make for resin beginners and also budget friendly! They definitely help you have fun with resin. Let's get started and add a pop of colour to our life.

epoxy resin projects for beginners


Resin Pendant


Resin Keychain

Resin Lotus Candle Holder

Resin Carousel Light

resin carousel light

Resin Zodiac Clock

resin zodiac clock

Resin Mermaid Notebook Cover

resin mermaid notebook cover

Resin Pattern Coaster

resin pantern coaster

Resin Cream Yellow Pudding Jar

resin pudding jar

Resin Skull with Flowers

resin skull with flowers


Resin Phone Stand

resin phone stand

Resin Christmas House

resin christmas house

Resin Christmas Ornaments

resin christmas ornaments

Father’s Day Photo Frame

resin photo frame

Spongebob and Patrick Coaster

We'll keep updated for the resin craft ideas for beginners. And don't worry if you just failed. Let’s admit we’ve all been there. We’ve got you covered. Download our resin PDF guide to have the answers to all your questions.

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