Resin Gifts Beginners Can Make This Holiday - 15 Fun and Unique Ideas

Have you tried to prepare personalized gifts using resin? If yes, I have to say, that's gorgeous and creative. It really makes your gift special and stands out. So I'll be listinng15 stunning DIY resin gifts ideas we've prepared for this holiday season. 

Resin Gifts Beginners Can Make

DIY Resin Tray

Resin tray is an easy project for beginners to make and a great resin gift for friends. They always come out gorgeous and stunning even if you just simply pour the resin without mixing any colors and embed the dried flowers that you love! No matter what things you want to embed in resin, remember to do a small layer of resin and let them get slightly tacky so that they will stay in place.

DIY resin tray

Resin Diamond Coaster

Believe it or not, this energizing coaster would make a perfect gift this holiday for those people who love colorful rainbows! The colors are always not limited so you can release your creative ideas to try different colors mixed. 

🌈P.S. If you want layered colors effect as shown in the picture, you need to prepare a few batches of colored resin in advance and pour them into the molds quickly in turn.

Resin Diamond Coaster

Tree of Life Artwork

It definitely jumps to the top of your gift list. There are many options to try for the actual tree trunks and branches in different seasons, like yellow and green with a light brown trunk for spring, red and orange with dark brown trunk for Autumn. 

You can also try to put your own picture in the middle and then your parents on each side as someone who comes from a family that is heavy into family history. If possible, you could fit in one more generation. 

Tree of Life Artwork

Bee Phone Stand

The phone stand is always functional rather than decorative. But the common phone stand you made using a mold makes you feel discouraged because the phone dissipates heat and the phone stand surface absorbs all the heat that it bends and warps. 

This phone stand made with bee elements meets either functional or decorative demands. Also, the stand surface would not absorb too much heat produced by the phone.

Bee Phone Stand

Resin Pens

Handcrafted resin pens are pretty much the epitome of functional art! I'm sure they can make beautiful gifts and stocking fillers for Christmas. They are also quick and simple to make and would sell well at any craft show.

But one thing you have to notice is that the resin pens you made are not refillable in this tutorial. If you figure out how to make refillable pens, you're more than welcome to let us know!

P.S. The flat edge of these pens can prevent them from rolling off the table.

Resin Pens

Resin Bookmarks

To be honest, the bookmark can be a must-have for everyone, especially for book lovers, bookmark is one of the best gift ideas. This tutorial will give you 3 different ideas to make your personalized resin gift for your book lover friends or loved ones. And this can also be a good idea for wedding souvenirs, baptisms, birthday giveaways, and any occasion.

Resin Bookmarks

Color-changing Carousel

It would be a surprise when receiving such a creative color-changing carousel decor. This resin carousel is made of color-shift mica powder. When the craft absorbs heat from hand touching or the sun shining, any method to raise the craft temperature, it would turn out to be another color gradually, which really catches a lot of attention! 

resin Color-changing Carousel

Craft Water Cup Coaster

Cup coasters are the most versatile in resin projects. But have you seen the coffee cup shaker coaster? The craft water with coffee beans and lemon slices gives the coaster so much fun. These would be perfect to incorporate into a personalized sign over a coffee/tea bar!

Craft Water Cup Coaster with resin

Resin Gifts for Guys

Buying gifts for guys is a difficult feat as they often say nothing about what they really want. Instead of spending time guessing or shopping around what they love to get, why not make a customized gift for him?

Kissing Couple Artwork

This kissing couple mold is hard to find out online. The eternal love statue connects 2 face-to-face happy couples with hearts, warm and romantic, and also a symbol of perfect love.

It can not only be used as home decorations, but also as gifts for your lovers or parents. Importantly, it's really easy for beginners to make as it just needs you to pour 2 different colors into the mold and it's done.

Resin Kissing Couple Artwork

Resin Chameleon

The chameleon mold may be a creepy and unique gift whether for his birthday or other special occasions! It's also a great white elephant gift idea to spark some friendly competition at your next gift exchange. It can't be denied that this lovely placed beside plants is able to get you close to nature.

Resin Chameleon

Resin Dinosaur Globe

Who can say no to this awesome dinosaur globe with a light base? The answer is no one. It's really a one-of-a-kind gift to embed a dinosaur in the globe. Try to imagine this creature just keeps staring at you, eek! But it is frustrating that this craftwork would take you more time and patience to make.

Resin Dinosaur Globe

DIY Resin Christmas Gifts Ideas

Christmas crafts and resin are a great fit. Have you tried any resin projects for this coming season? If you're looking for some unique gifts for Christmas, birthdays or other occasions, this list would be a great help.

Snowflake Wind Chime

There are a lot of molds out there to make resin Christmas decorations or ornaments from. That first comes to your mind when you hear Christmas ornaments like deer, Santa, snowmen, trees, etc. However, have you seen the wind chime made up of snowflakes? Here you are!

Resin Snowflake Wind Chime

Resin Deer Ornaments

Deer are often associated with Christmas and its classic epitome. Embedding the dried flowers animates these resin deers and is definitely a great fit. You'll learn how to make these colorful resin deer ornaments in different shapes from this tutorial. Check it out below.

P.S. Make sure the flowers are facing outward and move them around by using tweezers or toothpicks. 

Resin Deer Ornaments

Christmas Hanging Ornaments

Hanging Christmas ornaments or decorations is always the most cherished tradition. These ornaments pieces will be ideal for any house to celebrate Christmas and brighten up your tree. You can even imagine how they would sparkle hanging on the Christmas tree. 

Resin Christmas Hanging Ornaments

Christmas Santa Cottage

Ta-da! Here comes the highlight: Santa cottage. It is literally the perfect home decoration that can wow your guests and make incredible gifts. This craftwork takes you at least 3 days and more resin techniques to get finished. Only your bestie deserves this gift!

Resin Christmas Santa Cottage

Personalized gifts and resin are just a match made in heaven. We prepared these 15 easy resin DIY's that are perfect for gifts! Which one will you be making? Let us know below the comment.

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